Adventure Underwear – stick your phone in your pants and smile

This week leading up to the big climb I was planning to write about the importance and logistics of getting to the start of the mountain in a healthy state. My plans changed, however, when an unassuming chap named Nigel emailed and kindly offered to show me his underpants, Adventure underpants no less!

Those of you who regularly read my blog know that I have no intention of monetizing this site and that the only sponsored post I have ever done was when Red Balloon offered me a free skydive last January, an offer too good to refuse…but when a a bloke offers to show me his undies.

grey Adventure Underwear   stick your phone in your pants and smileTo give you some background on this Nigel character, he is a chemist who loves to travel. Being a safety conscious soul, as he was preparing to explore South America he sewed a small pocket into his underpants to safely store some of his valuables. I imagine he spent a fair bit of time flashing his pocketed jocks to passersby as he returned home with a lot of people urging him to market the idea. Which he did. Nigel quit his job and threw himself into the world of underwear design, his labors resulting in the Adventure Underwear brand. This is a brand in the making and the 23rd of July is the official kick-starter launch. Nigel and his team are trying to raise enough interest through kick-starter to really fire off their band and I wish them all the best.

Let’s face it, money belts are dorky and uncomfortable. Money belts are easy to forget. However, most people wear underpants. You will have to take my word here as all attempts at verifying this statement resulted in guards chasing me out of the shopping mall.

As I said above, my history of reviewing stuff is limited to thoughtfully saying, “Nice coffee” or gleefully yelling “Free camping, winner!” I am winging it so please bear with me here. To use a completely inappropriate metaphor I will break this down into bite sized pieces.

grey Adventure Underwear   stick your phone in your pants and smileIdea

I think caching your valuables next to your most prized possession is a brilliant idea. When I was in Rio I stuck some money and a small map to my chest with a wound dressing as I figured that it would be a dedicated thief that searches inside scabby wounds for valuables. This worked, but, having a small pocket inside my underpants would have been much easier on my (only) chest hair when I retrieved my money later that night.
Both pockets in Adventure Underwear are waterproof to 60 meters. This is great for you water sports enthusiasts. no more leaving your keys under the wheel arch while surfing. The Adventure Underwear team are working on a females range so stay tuned.

grey Adventure Underwear   stick your phone in your pants and smile


Sadly Nigel thought I was joking when I suggested he make a special ‘Brown-series’ for really scary adventure.



Usually you put your undies on in the morning and don’t think about them much after that. This would be the ideal situation for Adventure Underwear. When I first put mine on I noticed the plastic pocket (which is inside a merino pocket for comfort) being, well plasticy against my skin. This was not a huge issue as after five minutes or so I had all but forgotten they were there.
I wore them with my passport in a pocket for a whole day. I could feel that it was resting snugly against my thigh, this was not a nuisance. It would be somewhat comforting while traveling I imagine. The merino they use is the super fine type not that itchy-grandma-knitted-jumper stuff your parents made you wear as a kid.


I am ashamed to admit this, but my record for wearing a single pair of underpants is just over a week. One pair, no changing. Whilst on the summit attempt of Manaslu my priorities were elsewhere, I also forgot my toothbrush but I would rather not talk about this. It would have greatly aided the comfort of both myself and my tent mates if I had worn a pair of merino undies on this climb. Merino wool is the best fabric for both wicking away moisture and stopping body odours.

The seams are a flat, non-rubbing type, great for active people. Where the plastic security pocket attaches the stitching is starting to come a bit loose but I am assured that the second generation will have this fixed by attaching the plastic pocket with velcro rather than stitched. This will allow you to take out the plastic and just use the merino outer pocket if waterproofing is not needed.
The plastic pockets are 100% recyclable, they contain no BPA’s or bad chemicals and the FDA have given them a ‘food safe rating.’    Just in case you want to stuff a snickers bar down there…


I have never been a big fan of money belts but hate that feeling of paranoia when I just want to relax and enjoy exploring.

I will be wearing my adventure undies (sadly not available in brown, hint, hint Nigel) both in Katmandu and when I climb Ama Dablam this October and am sure that my valuables (and tent-buddies) will thank me for it!

For updates on Adventure Underwear through Twitter go here: @AdvntrUnderwear and through Facebook go here:


While this is my first proper product review I have been approached by various companies in the past but have passed on their offer. The reason is that I only want to review products which may be of interest (and useful) to my readers. The fact that I got free undies has in no way affected what I have written. If they were terrible I would tell you so. promise.


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