Belle Young – Bucket list

  1. Take an around the world trip, which must include Egypt (pyramids), Japan, Vegas, Miami, China, and some random places I didn’t know existed.
  2. Try my hand at being a DJ
  3. Model
  4. Run my very own business, by myself
  5. Dance frantically in a thunderstorm
  6. Have a massage during a thunderstorm (outside)
  7. Get a motorbike licence (and a motorbike!)
  8. Visit Disney land
  9. Buy a house
  10. Build a house
  11. Grow dreadlocks
  12. Pat and play with a tiger cub
  13. Ride an elephant
  14. Bathe/clean with an elephant
  15. African Safari
  16. Be on reality TV (something classy!)
  17. Make a YouTube video clip, lip-syncing to a favourite song
  18. Achieve muscley abs you can see
  19. Learn a martial art and achieve black belt
  20. Be fitter than I have ever been
  21. Stay tattoo free (no matter how tempted I may get!)
  22. Be a VIP in a nightclub in Hollywood with celebrities
  23. Photograph an A-List celebrity
  24. Go to a nudie beach completely nude
  25. Write a biography
  26. Volunteer at an old people’s home, just to sit down and listen to their wisdom
  27. Go on a 2-night horse trek through the Grand Canyon
  28. Learn to play the piano
  29. Learn to play guitar
  30. Learn to sing (consistently in tune!)
  31. Snorkel at the great Barrier Reef
  32. Visit Aires Rock
  33. Travel Australia’s Coast Line all the way around
  34. Visit Bay Of Fires
  35. Buy a Campervan and travel/live in it around Australia for at least 6 months
  36. Find the one place in the world with the most stars, camp out and admire the universe
  37. Perfect Photography
  38. Learn Landscape photography
  39. Visit the Monks
  40. Achieve inner peace
  41. Write a song
  42. Record a song
  43. Re-visit Thailand and visit Fanta Sea (so sad I missed it)
  44. Spend NYE in another part of the world
  45. Enjoy a real white Christmas on the other side of the world
  46. Pat Dolphins
  47. Swim with Dolphins
  48. Take my boys around the world
  49. Win a substantial amount of money in a lottery (hey, just putting it out there – it WILL happen)
  50. Travel the world with my lottery money + boys and spend the whole time giving money to random people you see and meet (hand to hand cash) that you know need it and appreciate it
  51. Use my lottery money to transform my Nan’s life with experiences she hasn’t had the opportunity to have – not giving her a cent (she will only share it, and this is my way of stopping her)
  52. Participate in a flash mob – bonus points if it’s on NYE at midnight

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