Ben – Another update from the hills

Hi guys, back again. Pleased to report that no leeches were found in any untoward places.

I have been a bit quiet these last few days because of a minor technical issue. A few days back we thought there was power in the next town so we watched Star Trek on my laptop, turns out there was no power until Khote.

Anyway, here I am, fully charged and ready to roll. We have had a few good days of trekking, up and down big time. One day we lost, then gained over 1300 meters, which does not sound like heaps when we are trying to climb a 6800 meter high mountain, but believe me, when your body is flat out trying to make enough red blood cells to keep you firing at height, this is a challenge.To give you an idea of our routine on the approach trek, we wake at 6am, drink a cup of tea while packing up our gear, then have brekkie (normally porridge with some cashew nuts). We hit the trail normally at around 8am and walk, crawl, and gasp our way through this amazing countryside until around 11:30. We stop for lunch (around an hour) then keep walking until around 4pm, depending on the terrain and how quickly we are rocking along. Set up tents and organize sleeping gear then read, play suduko or gawp at mountains until dinner which is served at around 6pm.

We have an amazing support crew consisting of a cook, two kitchen boys and a bunch of crazy strong porters that carry all the heavy gear. On our trekking we usually carry our wet weather gear, some warm clothes and a jacket and lunch, unless we are going past a town or teahouse around lunchtime. Khote, where we are, is a cute little rock town surrounded by big high slabby mountains that are covered in waterfalls. We descended today and are now at 3400 meters, last night we slept at around 4200. This means that we only have 3 kilometers to go up to reach the top of our first objective, Mera peak. Before this happens, however, there will be a whole lot of trekking to be done over around another 7 days.

Now that I have power for now I will be updating more often so I’ll save some of the news for later.

Blues skies and happy feet

Ben grey Ben   Another update from the hills

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