Ben – forced rest days

Forced rest days

In my last update I said that on rest days Mal would be looking at weather forecasts, scratching his head and trying to find the missing 1/2 metre of snow we were promised. I am pleased to report that he has found it, on our tents this morning. We have been forced to abandon plans to leave Khare today due to a dump of snow the likes of which would have opponents of Global Warming Studies rubbing their little coal mine owning hands with glee.

The snow is so deep and persistent that we have abandoned plans to tackle Mera Peak- anyway, who wants to trudge through waist deep snow for eight hours for a 360 degree view of whiteout? Our plans to continue up the Hinku Valley and over the pass may also need revising as this could prove too dangerous for our porters. We may need to backtrack to Lukla (where we started 10 days ago), then continue up the Khumbu valley (past Ama Dablam) to Island peak, then retrace our steps to tackle Ama Dablam. The main concern with this plan is that a few of our team (I won’t say who) have said they got nervous upon seeing a picture of this mountain. Upon seeing the beast in person they might well scuttle off down to Namche Bazaar with a little yelp to spend the rest of their time here at the “End of the World Bar”, drinking Khukeri Rum….at least they would have warm hands and feet, and possibly even a crackling yak dung fire to warm themselves near. What am I doing here again?

Blue toes and happy (cold) feet!


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  • Ken Clark says:

    Thanks for your blogs Ben. I only found them when I was reading up on Shaun’s itinerary and followed the pointers to the expedition’s website. You are certainly living the dream. I can’t say that I wish I was there as my 70 year old bones don’t like the cold. Keep up the good work and I hope all goes well from now on.
    Ken Clark

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