Ben – Me Gusta los montanas!

Me Gusta los montanas!

Sorry, I am a bit knackered so this will be a quick what-are-we-doing-next update!

Yesterday we got up to Ama Dablam Base Camp (ADBC) and were reunited with our poons, crabs, axes and other climbing gear.

ADBC is set in an incredible amphitheater of mountains with Ama Dablam holding watch over the whole site, quite an imposing guard! I really wish I could share some photos but they will have to wait.

Today we had a lazy morning in lieu of having an expedition leader… Mal stayed at Pangboche the previous day with a slight case of poolemia (a great way to lose weight). When Mal arrived around lunchtime today he was refreshed and ready to roll. After sorting gear out of barrels, Bish, Shaun and I headed off up a nearby hill for an acclimatisation walk. The air got thinner but the views opened up and allowed us to see right down the Solu Khumbu Valley to Pangboche and beyond. I stopped on a nice flat(-ish) rock and enjoyed the sun, leaving the two boys to go up a bit further. Half an hour later I figured they had decided to go for the summit of Ama Dablam and I was getting cold so I returned to base. The boys only went up to around 5000 meters and were right on my tail on the return climb.

Tomorrow we are going up to tag camp one, leave some gear then return to base.

The following day we plan to sleep at camp one, then maybe push on higher to sleep at camp two – pending acclimatization and how everyone is feeling.

I will try to update as we go, rest assured that we are all having loads of fun, we are getting colder and slower but are working hard toward our goal. It is really great to be finished with the extended trekking part of the expedition and to be gearing up for the climbing part.

Blue skies and happy feet,


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