Ben – update from the trail

This is going to be a short update guys as we have had a massive day today. We kicked off proceedings with a short sharp uphill stretch to 3200, followed by descending 1200 meters to the bottom of a big, wide valley. Occasionally the clouds would open up and give us glimpses of terraced farms and small rock buildings perched on the edge of impossible drops. Everyone took a slip on the mossy rocks, everyone that is, apart from our porters who carry three times more than us! They are true ninjas.Every time I return to Nepal my respect for these guys increases. Without them, us poorly acclimatized low land people would have no hope of any success here.

Once at the bottom of the valley we took a short lunch break then headed off up the other side of the valley. Soon after leaving the rain came in along with the leeches, so far I have counted 6 that I have removed myself, along with a few mystery itchy bits where they likely had their fill and dropped off. The rain just increased and we arrived at Nashing Dingma (?Spelling) completely soaked through, and tired, but in high spirits because just over the next ‘hill’ is where the proper-big mountains start.

Despite the hard work, I am really enjoying walking along these beautiful valleys. Every time we go past a farmhouse small children run out and yell ‘Namaste’ and adults watch us curiously through the windows. Tomorrow is still in doubt, if this rain continues we will stay here and dry clothes but if it clears we will push on up to the next village. The team continues to work really well together, encouraging each other and keeping spirits high with random jokes and fun teasing.

I apologise for any spelling or grammatical errors in this post! It has been very much written on the run, it is now my turn to take a bucket shower, meaning time to check my man bits for leeches!! Wish me luck…

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