Sydney Duante – Bucket list

Sydney Duarte, aka The Traveling Gypsy describes herself as a loud, hyperactive Eastern Kentucky gal who has made it her mission to ‘improve the world one smile at a time’ 

Her blog dates back to April 2008 and follows a hectic course of adventuring. It has some beautifully philosophical posts (When life give you lemons)  and lots of fun stories, most of which are framed with photos of Sydney grinning widely into the lens and looking like she is having the time of her life

So, after checking out this brilliant bucket list why don’t you pop on over to The Traveling Gypsy to say hi.

I guarantee you’ll leave with a grin.

Adventure and Travel
1. Truly traverse the entire globe & set foot on each of the seven continents.
2. Take a 7 month WORLD TRAVEL Tour and learn more about people, psychology, Cultural differences, religion (I’m not really Religious, but am open to it).
3. Visit all “Wonders of the World” at
4. Live like a local for a month in another country. The experience of visiting native people gives you way more insight into another way of life than two years hopping from one backpacker community to the next.
5. Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina
6. Stomp grapes at a vineyard to make wine
7. Participate in La Tomatina (last Wednesday in August) Buñol in the Valencia region of Spain
8. Participate in Holi (The full moon in March) India
9. Participate in Australia Day (January 26)
10. Scuba in the World’s most unique aquatic environment…. the Great Barrier Reef.
11. Scuba in Anakao, Madagascar
12. Eat the most AMAZING ice cream in the World at the Taiwanese night market
13. Eat fresh fruit at the Floating Market in Thailand
14. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain during San Fermines
15. Hike/Camp in the Amazon Rainforest.
16. Participate in a Carnival parade in Brazil.
17. Play a didgeridoo with aborigines in the Australian Outback
18. Be an extra in a movie
19. Participate in/start a flash mob
20. Visit a fortune teller/energy reader
21. Take a tour of a fortune cookie factory
22. Climb an active volcano and roast marshmallows over the lava
23. Follow my food from field to table. Most people in the world still eat what they have picked with their own hands. Why not get back to the basics?
24. Shower in a Waterfall
25.  See the Northern Lights
26. Photograph an endangered species. Aside from an image to keep for a lifetime, it will remind me, and others, how fragile life can be
27. Participate in Burning Man (Starts 8 days before the American Labor Day, September) Blackrock Desert, Nevada USA
28. Vist Iguazú Cataratas (Aregentinian side)
29. Learn how to make a national dish
30. Travel India by train on its extensive rail network
31. Attend a music festival in another country
32. Go on an African Safari
33. Log in enough sky dive jumps to get my A license
34. Go Zip Lining on a jungle canopy tour
35. Hike the Grand Canyon to Supai Village
36. Go Tubing down a river (Nantahala, New River & Saluda River)
37. Skim board without falling off
38. Go Parasailing
39. Go Rafting
40. Go Wakeboarding
41. Jump from the tallest tree on the highest cliff at Grayson Lake, KY
42. Fly in First Class
43. Take a picture of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, Paris
44. Rock Climb without gear
45. Take a gondola ride in Venice, Italy
46. Take a hot air balloon ride
47. Go Ultra Gliding
48. Go hang gliding
49. Turn a public place full of complete strangers into a dance party
50. Sell my artwork to someone I don’t know
51. Go Deep Sea Fishing and eat my catch
52. Take a whale/dolphin watching boat trip
53. Spend New Years in an exotic location
54. Spend New Years in Time Square, NYC
55. Do the Great Polar Bear Challenge
56. Look for hidden treasure on a beach with a metal detector
57. Find a starfish in the ocean (Anakao, Madagascar)
58. Ride a Camel in the dessert in Egypt
59. See the Old Faithful geyser erupt
60. Go to Taipei 101
61. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
62. Win first prize in a costume contest
63. Do something you should regret, but don’t
64. Visit the Catacombs in Paris
65. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
66. Jump off a cliff into a natural body of water in an exotic location
67. Take a tour of the Favellas in Rio de Janeiro
68. Go skiing in the Rockies.
69. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
70. Trek through the jungle on the back of an elephant
71. Start a social movement on a cause you believe in
72. Stay in a tiki hut on an exotic beach
73. Dive with sharks
74. See the Pyramids of Giza
75. Visit the Great Wall of China
76. See the Mayan temples
77. Visit the Hollywood sign
78. Ride a tandem bike
79. Go to the Kentucky Derby
80. Fiji
81. New Zealand
82. Australia
83. Bali
84. Belize
85. Santorini, Greece
86. Loch Ness, Scotland
87. Ibiza
88. Himalayas – Nepal
89. Galapagos Islands
90. Easter Island
91. Barbados
92. Hawaii
93. Moorea Island in French Polynesia
94. Angel Falls – Venezuela
95. Paraguay
96. Argentina
97. Peru
98. Berlin, Germany
99. Frankfurt, Germany
100. Zurich, Switzerland
101. Cozumel, Mexico
102. Niagara Falls
103. Paris, France
104. Marseille, France
105. Phuket, Thailand
106. Koh Samui, Thailand
107. Bangkok, Thailand
108. Taipei, Taiwan
109. Antigua, Guatemala
110. Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
111. Tikal, Guatemala
112. Barcelona, Spain
113. Madrid, Spain
114. Pamplona, Spain
115. NYC, NY
116. Boston, MA
117. Seattle, WA
118. San Jose, CA
119. San Francisco, CA
120. Vegas, NV
121. Savannah, GA
122. Miami, FL
123. Orlando, FL
124. Morocco
125. Belgium
126. Ireland
127. Japan
128. London, UK
129. Rome, Italy
130. Norway
131. Sweden
132. Portugal
133. Visit Stonehenge
134. Holland
135. Climb to the top of Machu Pichu
136. Nepal
137. Croatia
138. South Africa
139. Madagascar
140. Indonesia
141. Malaysia
142. India
143. Philippines
144. Chile
145. Tibet
146. Singapore
147. visit the Bahn it Cham towers in Vietnam -
148. Havasu Falls, AZ
149. Go to the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa
150. Stage dive and crowd surf at a concert.
151. Find treasure on a geo-cashing adventure
152. Explore the Carrizo Badlands Mud Caves in Arroyo Tapiado


Learn how to blow glass
Take a bead making class
Communicate with someone without sharing a common spoken language
Learn to Surf
Learn to Belly Dance
Learn to Hula
Get Scuba certified
Learn how to Kite surf
Learn to spin fire –


Find True Love
Get Married
Have Children – Preferably Twins

Big Ideas…

Win the Lottery
Write a book of my travels
Write & illustrate inspirational children’s books
Become a travel journalist/TV host
Become a motivational speaker
Be an Amazing Race contestant


Teach English in a foreign country
Volunteer abroad for a month.
Make a major difference in the life of a complete stranger
Changed someone’s mind about something you care deeply about
Save someone’s life
Help an animal give birth

Become fluent in 2 other languages
Get an article about my travels published.
Take a martial arts class
Teach myself five forms of art from scratch
Keep a current blog
Always stay certified in CRP/First aid assistance
Take a photography class…possibly get a degree in photography

If you enjoyed reading this list, just imagine how much more fun you’d have writing one…let me know if you want to be a featured Red Rucksack ‘Bucketlister’

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Ele Pranaityte – Lithuanian Bucket list

This Lithuanian Bucket list is a first for The Red Rucksack. Ele is a solo female traveler, but she is not going to let that slow her down. Her blog Hug the globe will attest to this (I love that blog name!). Ele maintains a blog in Lithuanian as well as her English blog and Facebook page, all are full of beautifully written stories, lots of brill photos, Lithuanian castles and other adventures.

If you want to see what kind of fun a solo female traveler can have check out Hug the Globe

This is my Bucket List.

1. Poland: Northern Poland, Bialystok.
2. Latvia: Dobele and their famous lilac garden, Daugavpils, Jelgava.
3. Czech republic: Kromeriz gardens (UNESCO), Macocha caves, Brno.
4. France: Provence.
5. Germany: Bavarian castles, Neuschwanstein castle.
6. Ukraine: Kiev, the Crimea.
7. Belarus: former Great Duchy of Lithuania castles, Minsk.
8. Christmas market (any place).
9. Italy: carnival of Venice, Chianti wine road.
10. Norway: the fjord tour.
11. Africa: Garden Road, gorilla trekking in Uganda.
12. Austria: Vienna philharmonic summer gala concert, royal palaces.
13. Gotland island.
14. Scotland: Outer Hebrides.
15. Edinburgh and Bass Rock (for puffins).


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Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley – my first Himalayan climb

grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climb

This week’s adventure is a flashback to 2010 when I tackled Pokalde in the Khumbu (Everest) valley, my first Himalayan mountain climb. Our goal was this relatively small mountain just off the Everest trail, compared with the monsters that surrounded us, it was nothing more than a pimple. Pokalde is commonly used as an acclimatisation peak for Everest climbers and trekkers alike:

grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climbI feel terribly alive after my recent cold bucket shower outside on the snow. With my increasingly hirsute face tingling, we set off and leave the porters to load the yaks. As we walk the visibility is virtually nil and the British members of our group are busily filling the air with disgruntled comments. I am content to just follow the fresh footprints ahead of me. Trudging along with my hood pulled tight and my eyes on the ground I pick up my revere from yesterday afternoon, ‘Great idea to contact the BBC when I return, they will need a Sir David Attenborough replacement for sure. Sir Benny Rabbit-Burrow, sounds great.

grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climb
I am no biologist but I have the voice, ‘Here we see a group of common idiots walking through the snow to sleep in draughty canvas structures, they eat dried fruits and berries and share a communal toilet hole.’ Easy.

Half an hour after setting off we turn left up a valley where the yaks and porters pass us. Watching them disappear I feel relief as always to see my pack securely on the side of a beast. By the time us low altitude dwellers trudge into base camp our sherpas have set up all the tents and greet us smiling with hot tea with biscuits. This is a very civilised way to trek, I start to wonder how I ever managed without porters and sherpas alone in the wilds of Tasmania.

grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climb

grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climbThat night is our first proper cold one. In the morning Kevin the tall Irish man with the quiet smile says that he recorded around minus fifteen overnight. I wear my thermal long johns, fleece pants, polypropylene gloves, merino top and thermal sleeping bag liner inside my very warm sleeping bag and still shiver throughout, at one stage I considered spooning Andy for warmth but that would be like cuddling a fridge.

We are roused when the young cook shoves tea through the tent’s entrance and we set about getting fed and ready to tackle our first Himalayan mountain. Getting ready at altitude, even the relatively low altitude here, is hard work. We are at a place where rolling over in your sleeping bag sends you gasping for air for ten minutes. High altitude doubles the time it takes to pull on plastic boots, affix crampons and don climbing harnesses. We hit the mountain at about 5:15am and climb. We climb a lovely sharp little snow slope which is good fun, but then climbing becomes a sustained haul across an uninspiring scree up to a final section of exposed rock. A few members of the team turn back early which does not bode well for the upcoming challenge of Island Peak, or Imje Tse as it is known locally. I am unsure if it is happiness, fear or cold, but my eyes well up as I dig my unwieldy plastic boots into a slight crack in the rock, pull myself onto that tiny summit and look around.

grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climbgrey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climbAs I am busy clambering over rocks the sun has been unveiling an amazing view for our little intrepid group. What I see painted in front of me in shades of grey with some pink steals away all words. I am clipped into a safety sling with my jaw agape and just stare down the Khumbu Valley. The six of us perch on a precarious little summit ledge and celebrate while soaking up this expansive view with careful back slapping all round.

On the descent I do my first ever single rope abseil with about five hundred meters of exposure below my bum. Due to my inexperience and clumsy gloves I end up slipping and falling into a fellow climber’s lap where she greets me with a giggling, warm hug. Our leader Andy spots my poor form, ‘Hey Ben, have you abseiled alone before?’

‘No mate, never without a second person belaying me from above anyway. She’ll be right.’


Not for the last time, I get into trouble for not telling him something like this.On the way down the long snow slope towards base camp I really lose energy and start getting a terrible headache, fighting off a desperate desire to just sit down and sleep I make it back to camp and into my sleeping bag for a quick rest. I fully understand now what ‘proper’ climbers mean when they say that the top is only half way. The adrenaline of a summit wears off leaving behind a breathtaking fatigue and nausea. Having completed our first ascent before lunch we enjoy a lazy afternoon squinting at small camera screens and comparing photos…I could get hooked on this climbing business.

grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climb


grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climb grey Pokalde in the Khumbu Valley   my first Himalayan climb



Bucket list – Annette Slowik White

Annette describes herself as a hungry world traveler and fearless nibbler. I love it! When she is not running her Michelin recommended restaurant Sugo Trattoria Michelle is either planning her next trip or writing about the last one on her blog, the aptly named Bucket List Journey. Annette’s list is enviable, from riding Segeways to drinking moonshine (tick) and eating haggis, she has a whole lot of work to do to get through this comprehensive list.

I hope you get as inspired as me after reading the following ideas:


  1. Bungee Jump
  2. Dog Sled
  3. Eat Fire
  4. ✓ Explore a Cave
  5. Feed Sharks
  6. Flip on a Trampoline
  7. Get a Tattoo
  8. ✓ Hold a Shark
  9. ✓ Indoor Skydive
  10. Jump Off a Cliff
  11. Kite Surf
  12. ✓ Parasail
  13. Police Ride Along
  14. Rapelling 
  15. ✓ Ride ATVs
  16. Sail a Boat
  17. ✓ Scuba Dive
  18. ✓ Skydive
  19. Snowboard
  20. ✓ Swim with Dolphins
  21. ✓ Swim with Stingrays
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  22. ✓ Walk a Suspension Bridge
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  23. Walk on Hot Coals
  24. ✓ Whitewater Raft
  25. ✓ Wrap a Snake Around My Neck
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  26. ✓ Zorbing
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White

  28. Attend a Rodeo
  29. Bathe an Elephant
  30. Chase a Tornado
  31. ✓ Clamming
  32. Climb to the Top of a Tree
  33. Compete in a Frog Jumping Contest
  34. ✓ Drive Through a Dust Storm
  35. Feed a Crocodile
  36. Feed a Koala Bear
  37. ✓ Feed an Ostrich
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  38. Herd Cattle
  39. Hike Every Trail at a State Park
  40. ✓ Hold a Monkey
  41. Hold a Tarantula
  42. Horseback Ride on the Beach
  43. Hug a Redwood
  44. ✓ Kiss a Sea Lion
  45. Kiss in the Rain
  46. Look into the Mouth of a Volcano
  47. ✓ Make a Snowman
  48. Milk a Cow
  49. Name a Star
  50. ✓ Relax in a Natural Hot Spring
  51. ✓ Ride a Zip Line Ride
  52. grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  53. Ride in a Horse & Carriage
  54. Roll in a Huge Pile of Leaves
  55. ✓ See a Coral Reef
  56. ✓ See the Salmon Run
  57. Shear a Sheep
  58. ✓ Shrimping
  59. Sleep in a Stable on a Haystack
  60. Sleep in an Igloo
  61. Stand Under a Waterfall
  62. Start Fire Without Matches
  63. ✓ Swim in the Ocean
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  64. ✓ Swim with a School of Fish
  65. Swim with Manatees
  66. ✓ Swim with Sea Turtles
  67.  Walk on a Black Sand Beach
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  68. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day
  69. Watch Turtles Hatch & Run for the Ocean
  70. ✓ Witness a Solar Eclipse
  71. Whale Watching

  73. ✓ Answer a Personal Ad
  74. ✓ Attend a High School Reunion
  75. Attend a Same Sex Wedding
  76. Cover the Bed in Rose Petals
  77. ✓ Find my Best Friend from High School
  78. Have a Meaningful Conversation With a Stanger
  79. ✓ Meet a Well-known Politician
  80. Meet Someone Famous
  81. Meet the President
  82. Organize a Family Portrait
  83. ✓ Plan a date Night with your Spouse
  84. ✓ Receive a Fan Letter
  85. Share a Cab with a Stranger
  86. ✓ Sing a Karaoke Duet
  87. ✓ Surprise Someone
  88. ✓ Tell Dad I Love Him
  89. Visit your Childhood Home
  90. Write a Love Note on the Bathroom Mirror
  91. ✓ Write a Thank you Letter to a Company that Treated you well

  93. Ask my Spouse 20 Questions
  94. Be a Mentor
  95. Be an Organ Donor
  96. Be Present at a Birth
  97. Bring a Meal to a Homeless Person
  98. Build a House with Habitat for Humanity
  99. Do a Chairty Walk
  100. Donate Books to a School
  101. ✓ Donate Clothing
  102. Donate Grains of Rice to a Third World Country
  103. ✓ Donate Toys at the Holidays
  104. ✓ Entertain the Elderly at a Nursing Home
  105. ✓ Give Blood 
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  106. Help an Endangered or Injured Animal
  107. List 10 Things I’m Grateful for Every Day for 1 Month
  108. ✓ Make a Significant Change in Someones Life
  109. Meditate
  110. ✓ Pay the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind Me
  111. Plant a Tree
  112. ✓ Put Change into Someones Expired Meter
  113. Send a Care Package to a Soldier
  114. Serve Food at a Soup Kitchen
  115. Send Flowers to Yourself
  116. Spend a Day Helping at a Childrens Hospital
  117. Spend the Entire Day by Yourself
  118. ✓ Volunteer
  119. ✓ Write a Letter to Your Future Self
  120. Write a Love Letter

  122. ✓ Be Published
  123. Blow Glass
  124. Create a Bumper Sticker
  125. Create a Family Logo
  126. Create a Family Tree
  127. ✓ Create a Flower Arrangement
  128. ✓ Create a Piece of Art & Sell it
  129. Create your own Personal Stationary
  130. Decorate a Blank T-Shirt
  131. ✓ Design a Website
  132. Enter Art in an Exhibit
  133. Knit a Scarf
  134. Make a Candle
  135. Make a Coloring Book
  136. Make a Handmade Gift
  137. ✓ Make a Handmade Greeting Card
  138. ✓ Make an Origami Animal
  139. Make Mosaic Art
  140. Make Paper
  141. Make Soap
  142. Paint Something at a Ceramic Store
  143. Sew Something you can Wear
  144. ✓ Start a Blog
  145. Take an Art Class
  146. ✓ Take Pictures in a Photo Booth
  147. Work on a Potters Wheel
  148. Write a Book
  149. Write a Song

  151. Attend a Random Free Seminar
  152. ✓ Get a Degree
  153. ✓ Learn a New Software Program
  154. ✓ Learn the Alphabet in Sign Language
  155. ✓ Learn to Play a Song on an Instrument
  156. Master a New Language
  157. Read a Banned Book
  158. Read a Classic
  159. Remember Peoples Names
  160. Say “Hello” in 10 Languages
  161. ✓ Teach a Class
  162. Write a Book

  164. Be Blond for a Day
  165. ✓ Buy a Cute Outfit at a Second Hand Store
  166. Create the Perfect Up-Do
  167. Dress in Super Sexy Lingerie
  168. ✓ Get a Bikini Wax
  169. ✓ Get a Fish Pedicure
  170. ✓ Get a Foot Massage
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  171. ✓ Get a Spa Pedicure
  172. Get a Spray Tan
  173. ✓ Get Acupuncture
  174. ✓ Get Fitted for a Bra
  175. ✓ Get a Professional Body Massage
  176. ✓ Go on a Clothes Shopping Spree
  177. ✓ Have a Facial
  178. ✓ Have a Professional Photo Shoot
  179. Have my Palm Read
  180. Learn How to Create the Perfect “Smokey Eye”
  181. ✓ Make a Homemade Beauty Product
  182. Make My Own Perfume
  183. Own a Fabulous Pair of Designer Shoes
  184. Sit Front Row at a Fashion Show
  185. ✓ Spend the Day at a Resort Spa
  186. Take a Makeup Lesson
  187. Take a Mud Bath
  188. ✓ Try Brow Threading
  189. Wear Colored Contacts
  190. Wear Fake Eyelashes

  192. ✓Be a Leader in your Field
  193. Be Debt Free
  194. Be a Self-Made Millionaire
  195. ✓ Blow a lot of Money Gambling
  196. Create a Passive Income
  197. ✓ Earn 6 Figures Per Year
  198. Have a Housekeeper
  199. ✓ Own Investment Real Estate
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  200. ✓ Play the Stock Market
  201. Sleep on Satin Sheets
  202. ✓ Start my Own Business
  203. ✓ Sell Something on the Internet
  204. ✓ Stay in a 5-Star Hotel
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White

  206. ✓ Attend a Low Country Boil
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  207. Attend a Pig Roast
  208. ✓ Attend a Tea Tasting
  209. ✓ Attend a Winemakers Dinner
  210. ✓ Bake a Loaf of Bread
  211. Boil a Live Lobster
  212. Bottle a Recipe & Sell it
  213. Catch, Cook & Eat a Fish
  214. Cook a Traditional Dish from a Different Culture
  215. Create an Ice Sculpture
  216. Cook Every Dish in One Cookbook
  217. Create Coffee Art
  218. Create Food Art
  219. Create my Own Cocktail
  220. ✓ Create my Own Recipe
  221. Create my Signature Dish
  222. Dismember a Chicken
  223. Drink a Bottle of Trendy Champagne
  224. ✓ Drink Absinthe
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  225. ✓ Drink at a Distillery
  226. ✓ Drink at a Dive Bar
  227. ✓ Drink at an Ice Bar
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  228. ✓ Drink Milk from a Fresh Coconut
  229. ✓ Drink Moonshine
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  230. ✓ Drink Tea at a Tea House
  231. ✓ Eat a Meal Cooked by a Celebrity Chef
  232. ✓ Eat a Raw Diet for a Day
  233. ✓ Eat Alone at a Restaurant
  234. ✓ Eat an Insect
  235. Eat at a 5-Star Restaurant
  236. ✓ Eat at a Food Truck
  237. Eat Caviar
  238. Eat in a Pitch Black Restaurant
  239. ✓ Eat Fondue
  240. ✓ Eat Southern BBQ in the South
  241. ✓ Enter Something in a Food Competition
  242. Extract Honey from a Bee Hive
  243. Go to a Vodka Lounge
  244. ✓ Go Wine Tasting
  245. Have a Progressive Dining Experience
  246. ✓ Have a Wine Collection
  247. Host a Cookie Exchange
  248. ✓ Hunt for Wild Mushrooms 
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  249. Leave a 100% Tip for a Server
  250. Make a Gingerbread House
  251. Make Cheese
  252. ✓ Make Fresh Pasta
  253. ✓ Make Ice Cream
  254. Order Room Service
  255. ✓ Own an Award Winning Restaurant
  256. Partake in a Food Fight
  257. ✓ Partake in Afternoon Tea
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  258. ✓ Participate in a Private Wine Tasting
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  259. Pick Fruit From the Tree & Make a Pie
  260. Recreate a Childhood Recipe
  261. ✓ Recreate a Classic Dish
  262. Shuck Oysters
  263. Start an Herb Garden
  264. Stomp Grapes
  265. ✓ Take a Cooking Class
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  266. Toss Pizza Dough in the Air
  267. Try Deep-Fried Twinkies
  268. Wade in a Cranberry Bog
  269. Write a cookbook

  271. ✓ Ahi Poke
  272. ✓ Alligator
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  273. Ants
  274. Baby Eel
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  275. ✓ Beef Tongue
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  276. ✓ Blood Sausage
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  277. Bird Nest Soup
  278. ✓ Bone Marrow
  279. ✓ Cactus
  280. Casu Marzu
  281. ✓ Caviar
  282. ✓ Century Egg
  283. ✓ Cheeks
  284. ✓ Chicken Feet
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  285. ✓ Conch
  286. ✓ Crickets
  287. ✓ Dim Sum
  288. Durian
    ✓ Eel
  289. ✓ Elk
  290. ✓ Escargot
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  291. ✓ Flowers
  292. ✓ Foie Gras
  293. ✓ Frickles
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  294. Frog Legs
  295. Fugu
  296. ✓ Gizzards
  297. ✓ Green Tuna Fruit
  298. Haggis
  299. ✓ Head Cheese
  300. ✓ Heart
  301. ✓ Herring
  302. ✓ Jelly Fish
  303. Kim Chee
  304. ✓ Lamb Tongue
  305. ✓ Lambs Brain
  306. ✓ Lambs Rump
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  307. ✓ Liver
  308. Mealworm
  309. ✓ Mochi
  310. ✓ Mushy Peas
  311. ✓ Octopus
  312. Ostrich
  313. ✓ Pigeon
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  314. ✓ Pigs Ear
  315. ✓ Pigs Feet
  316. ✓ Pigs Head
  317. ✓ Pigs Tail
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  318. ✓ Pig Trotters
  319. ✓ Rabbit
  320. ✓ Raw Oysters
  321. Rocky Mountain Oysters
  322. ✓ Scrapple
  323. ✓ Sea Urchin
  324. ✓ Sashimi
  325. Scorpian
  326. Sea Slug
  327. ✓ Snake
  328. ✓ Sushi
  329. Tarantula
  330. Tequila Worm
  331. ✓ Tripe
  332. ✓ Ugli Fruit
  333. ✓ Wild Boar
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White

  335. ✓ Apply to be on a Reality Show
  336. Attend a Black Tie Gala
  337. Attend a Gallery Opening
  338. Attend a Film Premiere
  339. Attend a Jazz Festival
  340. Attend a Masquerade
  341. ✓ Attend a Native American Pow Wow
  342. Attend a Unique Small-Town Event
  343. ✓ Attend Comicon
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  344. Be a Game Show Contestant
  345. Be a Member of a TV Studio Audience
  346. Be an Extra in a Movie
  347. ✓ Be on a TV show
  348. Be on the Cover of a Magazine
  349. ✓ Bet at the Dog Races
  350. Bicycle Across the Golden Gate
  351. ✓ Contact Someone with My Own Name
  352. ✓ Create a Video & Upload it to the Internet
  353. ✓ Dance on a Bar
  354. ✓ Design a Room I Love
  355. Do the Hula
  356. Fly on a Trapeze
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  357. ✓ Get Comped/Upgraded Something
  358. Get Hypnotized
  359. ✓ Get Swag
  360. Get VIP Passes to a Show
  361. ✓ Go to a Blues Bar
  362. ✓ Go to a Book Signing
  363. ✓ Go to Dinner Theater
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  364. ✓ Go to a Drive-In
  365. ✓ Go to a Renaissance Festival
  366. ✓ Go to the Movies by Myself
  367. Have 15 Minutes of Fame
  368. Have My Picture Published in a Newspaper
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  369. Host a Game Night
  370. ✓ Learn a Line Dance
  371. Learn How to Sing Within my Octave
  372. Master a Video Game
  373. Meet Oprah
  374. ✓ Party in a Private Booth at a Nightclub
  375. Perform a Magic Trick
  376. ✓ Play a Pinball Machine
  377. Pose with a Figure at a Wax Museum
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  378. ✓ Read the Book Before the Movie
  379. ✓ Receive a Fan Letter
  380. ✓ Ride a Mechanical Bull
  381. ✓ Ride on a Ferris Wheel
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  382. ✓ See a 3-D movie 
  383. ✓ See a Ballet
  384. See a Broadway Play
  385. ✓ See a Foreign Film
  386. See a Las Vegas Show
  387. Set a Guinness Book of World Record
  388. Sit Front Row at a Basketball Game
  389. Start Fire Without Matches
  390. ✓ Take a New Route to Work
  391. Take an Improv Class
  392. Take Part in a Focus Group
  393. Throw a Themed Party
  394. Throw Beads at Mardi Gras
  395. ✓ Touch a Famous Piece of Art 
  396. Try Pole Dancing
  397. Walk the Red Carpet
  398. Watch all the Oscar Winning Movies {14/82}
  399. Watch the Space Shuttle Launch
  400. Wear a Sumo Wrestling Suit

  402. Build a Sand Castle
  403. ✓ Coin a Word
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  404. ✓ Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  405. Eliminate Junk Mail
  406. Find a Treasure With a Metal Detector
  407. ✓ Finish a Crossword Puzzle
  408. Flip a House
  409. Get a Tattoo
  410. Get Hypnotized
  411. Get Ordained
  412. Google Search My Name & Have at Least 1 Page of Stuff
  413. ✓ Haggle at an Open Market
  414. Have a Collection
  415. Have a White Christmas
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  416. Invent Something
  417. ✓ Join a Book Club
  418. Leave My Mark in Graffiti
  419. Make a Balloon Animal
  420. Own an Original Piece of Artwork
  421. Read a Book on the NY Best Sellers List
  422. Send a Message in a Bottle
  423. ✓ Share Your Most Embarassing Moment
  424. Slide Down a Firehouse Pole
  425. ✓ Smoke a Fine Cigar
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  426. ✓ Smoke a Hookah
  427. ✓ Start a Blog
  428. Start Fire Without Matches
  429. ✓Surprise Someone
  430. Use a Paddle to Bid at an Auction
  431. Walk on a Nude Beach
  432. Walk on Stilts
  433. Win Something
  434. SPORTS

  435. Bet on the Winning Horse
  436. Climb an Indoor Rock Wall
  437. Fly a Kite
  438. ✓ Golf 18 Holes 
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  439. Hit the Archery Bulls-Eye
  440. ✓ Learn to Curl
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  441. ✓ Learn to Ice Skate Backwards
  442. Learn to Fence
  443. Participate in a 5k Race
  444. ✓ Ride Bikes on the Beach
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  445. ✓ Skeet Shoot
  446. Spin a Basketball on my Finger
  447. Survive at Paintball
  448. ✓ Try Bikram yoga

  450. Drive a Race Car
  451. Drive a Tractor
  452. Drive a Zamboni
  453. ✓ Drive an ATV
  454. Go in a Submarine
  455. ✓ Ride a Camel
  456. ✓ Ride a Segway
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  457. Ride in a Dune Buggy
  458. Ride in a Gondola
  459. Test Drive a Convertible Sportscar
  460. Toboggan

  462. ✓ Attend a Luau
  463. Attend a Unique Small-Town Festival
  464. ✓ Climb a Lighthouse
  465. Drink Beer at Oktoberfest
  466. ✓ Explore a Rain Forest
  467. Fly First Class
  468. ✓ Go on a Cruise
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  469. Go on a Safari
  470. Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip
  471. ✓ Go to an Aquarium
  472. Pan for Gold
  473. ✓ See a Blowhole
  474. ✓ See a Spectacular Fountain
    grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  475. ✓ See a Volcano
  476. ✓ Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
  477. grey Bucket list   Annette Slowik White
  478. Stay at a Dude Ranch
  479. Stay in an Underwater Hotel
  480. Step Foot in all 7 Continents
  481. ✓ Take a trip with mom
  482. Touch a Pyramid
  483. Tour a Factory
  484. ✓ Tour a Mayan Ruin 
  485. ✓ Tour a Mission
  486. ✓ Tour a Vineyard
  487. ✓ Tour a Working Farm
  488. Vacation Solo
  489. ✓ Vacation with a Stranger
  490. ✓ Visit a Butterfly Sanctuary
  491. ✓ Visit a Castle
  492. ✓ Visit a Ghost Town 
  493. Visit a Temple
  494. ✓ Visit a Tourist Attraction in my Town
  495. Visit Every State in the US | 13/50
  496. Visit my State Capitol
  497. Walk on a Glacier
  498. Wear a Fresh Lei

  500. Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, in Kitakyushu, Japan
  501. Hanging Temple in Mount Hengshan, China.
  502. Boat Hotel in Cocoa Island, Maldives
  503. Outdoor Jacuzzi at Iglu-Dorf Hotel, Switzerland
  504. Kliluk, The Spotted Lake in British Columbia
  505. Beach Art by Andres Amador
  506. Walk of Faith, Tianmen Mountain, ChinaBUCKET LISTS BY CITY/STATE/COUNTRY
  507. california | NAPA VALLEY

  508. ✓ Participate in a Private Wine Tasting
  509. california | YOSEMITE

  510. ✓ See Yosemite National Park
  511. costa rica | COSTA RICA

  512. Watch Arenal Volcano
  513. Take a Rain Forest Canopy Tour
  514. Visit Tabacon Hot Springs
  515. Go to Manual Antonio Park
  516. Tour Doka Coffee Estate
  517. Horseback to La Fortuna Waterfall
  518. england | LONDON

  519. ✓ See the Changing of the Guard
  520. ✓ Drink at the Oldest Wine Bar
  521. ✓ Drink Pints at a Pub
  522. ✓ Ride the London Eye
  523. ✓ Eat Mushy Peas
  524. ✓ Partake in Afternoon Tea
  525. ✓ Ride the Underground
  526. ✓ Walk Across Abbey Road
  527. ✓ Stand in a Red Phone Booth
  528. ✓ Stroll Through Hyde Park
  529. ✓ Stroll Through Notting Hill
  530. ✓ Visit Burough Market
  531. ✓ Visit Harrod’s Food Hall
  532. georgia | SAVANNAH

  533. ✓ Eat a Pimento Cheese Sandwich
  534. ✓ Do a Honey Tasting at Savannah Bee
  535. ✓ Have a Southern Family-Style Meal at Mrs. Wilkes
  536. ✓ Stay at a Haunted Inn
  537. georgia | ST. SIMONS

  538. ✓ Climb the St. Simons Lighthouse
  539. ✓ Ride Bicycles on the Beach
  540. ✓ Attend a Low Country Boil
  541. ✓ Go Shrimping on the Lady Jane
  542. hawaii | MAUI

  543. ✓ Drive the Road to Hana
  544. ✓ Tour Surfing Goat Dairy
  545. ✓ Walk on a Black Sand Beach
  546. ✓ Explore the Funky Town of Paia
  547. ✓ See the Nakalele Blowhole
  548. ✓ Swim with Sea Turtles
  549. ✓ Attend a Luau
  550. ✓ Tour a Pineapple Farm
  551. oregon | PORTLAND

  552. ✓ Drink at a Distillery
  553. ✓ Eat Weird Ice cream at Salt & Straw
  554. ✓ Eat a Donut at VooDoo Doughnuts
  555. ✓ Day Trip to Multnomah Falls
  556. ✓ Eat Housemade Meat at Olympic Provisions
  557. ✓ Stroll Through the International Rose Test Garden
  558. ✓ Drink in the Dean Scene Man Cave
  559. spain | BARCELONA

  560. ✓ Eat Pintxos
  561. ✓ Eat Tapas at Tapas 24
  562. ✓ Eat Iberian Jamon
  563. ✓ Eat Pintxos
  564. ✓ Get a Fish Pedicure
  565. ✓ Go Zorbing
  566. ✓ See the Magic Fountain of Monjuic
  567. ✓ Segway through the Town
  568. ✓ Take a Spanish Cooking Class
  569. ✓ Visit the Boqueria Market
  570. ✓ Watch a Flamenco Dance Show
  571. ✓ Witness Creative Street Art
  572. washington | SEATTLE

  573. ✓ Create a Music Video at EMP
  574. ✓ Eat a Piroshky at Piroshky Piroshky
  575. ✓ Eat Clam Chowder
  576. ✓ Shop at Pike Place Market
  577. ✓ Stick Gum on the Gum Wall
  578. ✓ Take an Underground Tour

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What is heat stroke ?

It seems a bit weird to be writing about what is heat stroke , the first aid for it and related illness in the middle of a dreary Melbourne winter, however, in Saudi Arabia, where my sister is soon to relocate, it is always hot…damn, hot.

This one’s for you sis.

Heat related illnesses are caused by heat exposure above the bodies inbuilt ability to thermoregulate or get your body temperature back to normal. Heat stroke is distinct from the fever you experience when fighting infection. A fever is caused by excess heat coming from those brilliantly intricate chemical reactions that your immune system uses to fight a bug.

Heat Stroke Risk Factors:

The main risk factor is prolonged exposure to the sun, with activity. Things that increase risk of Heat Stroke include:

  • Pre-existing health conditions such as obesity, alcoholism and being under weight.
  • Medications including anti-histamines, diuretics, stimulants and some anti-depressants and antipsychotics.
  • Some illicit drugs including cocaine and amphetamines.

What is heat stroke?

Classical heat stroke passes through a variety of stages on its way to being fatal. Some of the first signs are thirst, profuse sweating, muscle cramps and dizziness. At these first warning signs you should get out of the heat and rehydrate. If you don’t, a relatively minor ailment can progress to dry skin, respiratory problems, numbness, rapid, strong pulse and loss of consciousness. A temperature higher than 40.6 degrees will confirm heat stroke in a patient but normally diagnosis is made from clinical history alone, i.e. he was jogging in the sun then fainted.

Heat stroke Prevention:

grey What is heat stroke ?Like many conditions, the best treatment for Heat Stroke is prevention:

  • Wear light loose fitting clothes that block the sun but allow you to sweat (evaporative cooling).
  • Avoid strenuous training during the hottest time of day – 11am to 3pm.
  • Avoid dehydrating substances like alcohol, caffeine and stimulant medicines, they can make heat stroke come on much faster.
  • In humid climates remember that cooling by evaporation of sweat is limited, cotton in light colours are the best clothes and just hang in the shade by a pool sipping a (non-alcoholic) martini.
  • Vents in hats not only look fashionable but they allow the sweat to evaporate from the head.
  • Drink plenty of water or isotonic drinks.
  • Umbrella hats look ridiculous but are the best hats ever invented to prevent heat stroke.


grey What is heat stroke ?

Heat stroke Treatment

If prevention is unsuccessful the body temperature must be lowered immediately. The mainstay of treatment is cooling and rehydration (with salty drinks exactly like those used in diarrhoea) The patient should be moved to a cool area (indoors, or at least in the shade) and clothing removed to promote heat loss. This is called passive cooling.

Should passive cooling fail to resolve symptoms or if the patient is really sick, active cooling methods may be used: Basically this means bathing person either totally or in part in cool water.

Wrapping the patient in wet towels or clothes can be counter-productive as towels etc can act as insulation and increase the body temperature. Cold compresses to the head, neck, groin and torso will help to rapidly cool the victim. A fan or anything else suitable may be used to aid evaporative cooling. Evaporation is really helpful as the water in contact with skin literally sucks heat out of a patient as it evaporates.

Immersing a seriously ill patient into a bathtub of cool (but not cold) water is the most recognised method of cooling. This requires the effort of 4-5 people and the patient should be monitored carefully during treatment. If it gets to this stage you need to seek urgent medical advice. Immersion should be avoided for an unconscious patient, but if there is no alternative the patient’s head must be held above water.

Heat stroke prognosis

Let’s face it, most people know to get out of the sun when they start getting headachy and slow. But even if you miss the early warning signs the prognosis is good. Most people recover fully from a bout of Heat Stroke with only a decent head ache to show for their troubles. Drinking isotonic rehydration fluids (used in diarrhoea) and over the counter headache tablets will fix this in time.

After you’ve recovered from heat stroke, you’ll probably be more sensitive to high temperatures during the following week. So it’s best to avoid hot weather and  heavy activity until your doctor tells you that it’s safe to resume your normal activities.

There are wildly varying reports on the prognosis after serious Heat Stroke requiring hospitalisation, the best bet is to avoid this situation!


grey What is heat stroke ?

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