Bucket list wars

Waiting for our flight to Launceston, Tasmania my fiancee Jette asks me for some input into her Bucket list. Writing down a list has been brewing in the back of Jette’s mind for some time. I have posted what we came up with both as inspiration and as something of a warning to anyone considering help with this very personal document. We sit there passing the computer back and forth, throwing ideas around and eventually produce a complete train crash. We do get some very curious looks from waiting commuters as we cackle with laughter and pass the computer back and forth. (My input is in Italic)

Jette’s Bucket list

Climb a mountain higher than 4000 meters

Run 5km in less than 28 minutes

Bungy jump naked over a crocodile infested lagoon

Run 10km in less than 60 minutes

Learn to speak Spanish

Waterski and cross wake 4 times

Climb a proper snowy mountain (using ropes and crampons) with Ben

Have kids

Take them back for a refund 2 weeks later…

Take my kids to the Galapagos Islands

Drink margaritas on a beach in Mexico

Eat Lebanese food in Lebanon

Do a tandem paraglide with Ben as the pilot

Learn to paraglide, fly alongside Ben

Watch Ben dance around the Christmas tree singing Danish Christmas carols on Christmas Eve in Denmark with my entire (close) family

Develop a pathological love of bushwalking and hugging trees

Fly in a glider

Ensure my awesome fiancee never has to iron another shirt in his life

Buy fiancee wrinkle-proof work shirts!

Lecture at an Australian University

Buy Ben a new 15” Mac book

Speaking of 15 inches…

Buy Ben a new car

Remember to say thanks when presented with my new car from my fiancee

Remember not to complain when it is a clapped out VW beetle from 1964

It won’t matter when he just bought me a whole new wardrobe and a diamond necklace (which I can always sell…)

Not kill ex-fiancee when the pawn broker tells me the necklace is cut glass and the clothes are stolen from a charity bin

It all won’t matter when fiancee has finally got that six-pack (#43) When will that ever happen by the way!

Love fiancee unconditionally even if he becomes fat, bald and smelly

Move to Spain and fall in love with a hot Spanish man

Give fiancee all my money in the settlement

It won’t matter as Spain man will be rich as well….

Pffft – get on with your list woman!!

Do a road trip up to Queensland with Ben

Go skiing in New Zealand

To be continued

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