Cabin Fever part 2

One word to describe 7 men sleeping in a teahouse, Farty. We woke to, you guessed it, more snow. Mal went down the hill a bit to check the conditions but soon he was back with grim news. The steep slopes we struggled up to get here are now all packed with snow and ripe to avalanche. The team at high camp have yet to surface and we have serious concerns for their safety. I am sorry for the lack of jolly metaphors but really, we are ready to be lower, on the move again and off this damn hill.

After lunch, the following day we decided move, we heard that a team have pushed a trail halfway up the hill to us and are sure that this is as good as it will get to move lower.

A short highlight reel of what followed:

-We beasted ourselves down the glacier to Tagnak to be met by a jolly team of French climbers, also suffering cabin fever, but waiting to go up.

-Eat, take some photos of the mountain, sleep.

-Cruise down the valley trying no to dwell on nasty rumours flying about of the fate of the other team up high.

-Get to Khote.

-Set up tents

-Email family members to say Hi.

-Buy Pringles chips and bliss out in the sun writing this.

We are going to tackle the pass tomorrow and hopefully get to Lukla by the 21st, or there abouts. In the meantime I will be washing my skanky, oily shoulder length hair and attempting get my jolly-metaphors back.

More soon.

Note: This blog is a recollection of my personal adventures. I maintain this blog purely for my (and hopefully your) entertainment. I have resisted the urge to re-tell unconfirmed stories of peril, frostbite and death up high. My lighthearted approach to story telling should not be confused with a blase philosophy, or flippancy about others’ traumas. Should any of the unconfirmed reports that we have heard prove true, my heart truly does go out to those affected and their families. If you want actual news about what recently happened on Mera Pass, or the entire Himalayas due to this storm I suggest you look it up on a reputable news station.

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