Copacabana beach, Rio de Janero Brazil

grey Copacabana beach, Rio de Janero Brazil

Copacabana beach, amazing. People here love soccer so much that they play a version of volleyball which follows soccer’s no hands rule. It is quite something to see. Half naked rollerbladers zoomed past as I wandered along. A few times I nearly fell off the footpath as I watched those soccer/volleyball people do their thing. Shame I was too scared to get out my camera, that dreadlocked character looks dangerous. Bikini girl doesn’t! I enjoyed watching sunburnt tourists stumble back to their hotels full of beer with their bazooka cameras waggling in front of robbers. Just behind Ipanema beach is a large favela. A favela is a slum area, most are run by drug cartels. I heard a few distant shots ring off in the distance as the police continue their battle against these powerful drug lords. A battle starting in February with 2600 highly trained police mobilized, 30 people dead so far.


Time to leave the beach. Still security conscious to the point of paranoia. I stood at the bus station clutching grey Copacabana beach, Rio de Janero Brazilmy wallet as the primary school flooded the street with hundreds of little robbers in training. I was starting to panic. I was a grown up in a sea of blue uniforms and nimble hands ready to grab my wallet. Just because they were all wearing neat uniforms and only come up to my belly button does not mean they don’t pose a security threat. Right?


I soon gave up on catching a bus. I had a hot date and needed to get back to my hotel quickly. Not wanting to miss my date I flagged down a taxi and jumped in looking at the driver. Have you seen the Green Mile? Well the black actor who played the guy on death row has given up acting and is now a taxi driver in Rio. This guy was massive. He looked like he had been genetically engineered to crush small cars. My man had his seat as far back as it went and still had to stoop down to see out of the window. He should buy a car with a sunroof and just look through it giraffe style. With memories of Huaraz fresh my hand was on the door handle the grey Copacabana beach, Rio de Janero Brazilwhole way ready to jump. I needn’t have worried as he got me back to my hotel in one piece in time for a shower before my date.


Bugger the internet keeps dropping out. This is going to make my date hard. Yup, my hot date was an online skype chat with Jette. I kept on dropping out throughout and was nearly going to throw me computer out the window. We managed to chat a bit which put a spring in my step before the internet dropped out altogether. My computer nearly went out the window at that stage. I needed cheering up. Pizza.

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