Ele Pranaityte – Lithuanian Bucket list

This Lithuanian Bucket list is a first for The Red Rucksack. Ele is a solo female traveler, but she is not going to let that slow her down. Her blog Hug the globe will attest to this (I love that blog name!). Ele maintains a blog in Lithuanian as well as her English blog and Facebook page, all are full of beautifully written stories, lots of brill photos, Lithuanian castles and other adventures.

If you want to see what kind of fun a solo female traveler can have check out Hug the Globe

This is my Bucket List.

1. Poland: Northern Poland, Bialystok.
2. Latvia: Dobele and their famous lilac garden, Daugavpils, Jelgava.
3. Czech republic: Kromeriz gardens (UNESCO), Macocha caves, Brno.
4. France: Provence.
5. Germany: Bavarian castles, Neuschwanstein castle.
6. Ukraine: Kiev, the Crimea.
7. Belarus: former Great Duchy of Lithuania castles, Minsk.
8. Christmas market (any place).
9. Italy: carnival of Venice, Chianti wine road.
10. Norway: the fjord tour.
11. Africa: Garden Road, gorilla trekking in Uganda.
12. Austria: Vienna philharmonic summer gala concert, royal palaces.
13. Gotland island.
14. Scotland: Outer Hebrides.
15. Edinburgh and Bass Rock (for puffins).


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