German autobahn fun

So last weekend I had some friends stay for the weekend. Brett and Laura are from Tasmania and wanted to see the ‘real’ Denmark. We did the obligatory visit to Legoland on Friday, cafes and bars on friday night but were a bit stuck for ideas for saturday. Brett asked how far Germany is and when I replied “Only a few hours” said “Why don’t we rent a fast car and just have some German autobahn fun. This is how I found myself last saturday piloting a near new Audi A4 at felony speeds on the ‘wrong’ side of the road. Brett was egging me on in the front whilst Laura hid in the back and tried to remember to breathe…here is the video.

(Sorry for the protracted car elevator bit, it was a novelty for us Tasmanians!)

2 Responses to German autobahn fun

  • Petra says:

    I had to laugh reading the sign in the elevator. It did mention to turn of the engine and pull the parking break. Great advise in a small, enclosed and moving enclosure ;)

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