Jette Gudiksen – Bucket List

Here is my lovely wife with her bucket list ideas I will be sure to keep you updated as we cross things off together!

  1. Climb a mountain higher than 4000 meters
  2. Run 5km in less than 30 minutes
  3. Learn to speak Spanish (well enough to get me through #7 without needing English…)
  4. Learn to waterski (criteria of success being crossing the wake 3 times without falling on my a..)
  5. Have kids
  6. Take my kids to the Galapagos Islands
  7. Spend a few weeks or more in Mexico
  8. Have an authentic Lebanese meal in Lebanon
  9. Spend Christmas Eve with my entire (close) Danish family and Ben and watch Ben dance around the Christmas tree singing Danish Christmas carols
  10. Do a tandem paraglide with Ben as the pilot
  11. Lecture at an Australian University
  12. Run 5km in less than 29 minutes
  13. Do a big (as in more than 3 week long) road trip in Australia with Ben
  14. Go skiing in New Zealand
  15. Drive across America, check out Yosemite and Grand Canyon etc…
  16. Get over my fear of spiders

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2 Responses to Jette Gudiksen – Bucket List

  • guess who says:

    Can tick off 4,5,6,12 and 13. Looking forward to seeing you work through these. Better come over here this summer to cross off 4 and keep working on 5, we have our fingers crossed.

    Love David

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