When life drops a massive, amazing, scary bombshell, you evolve and grin like an idiot! (With a wildly late 2013 wrap up)

This was 2013:
January New Years in Denmark, still love fireworks. 
February Skip out of work for a paragliding road trip.
March Work in a pharmacy arguing with highly strung accountants and lawyers in Melbourne’s CBD.
April Switch to relief pharmacy work instead.
May Marry the most awesome girl in the world.
June Decide to climb a big mountain. Realize my gut has grown. Madly start training.
July Get locum work in Avoca. Ride motorbike in freezing conditions through the only snowfields in Victoria to get there. Enjoy helping sick farmers and ‘real’ people.
August Freak out about gut again. Start training. Stop eating hamburgers.
September Go to Nepal. Get caught in biggest storm in Nepali history. Gut is gone.
October Leave mountain as I enjoy the use of fingers and toes too much.
November Release book. Get awesome feedback. Grin like an idiot. Eat a hamburger.
December Small business course. Start planning more pharmacy work. Tasmanian road trip. New Years watching Billy Connelly with Jette, Mum and Dad.

You probably read this and thought, ‘where is the bombshell?’ Well I hate suspense, the bit in those movies with the quiet violin music and a first person view moving through a darkened room kills me, so here it is:

In the bit between giving up hamburgers and going to Nepal, Jette and I discovered that we are having a baby.

A frikkin’ baby, a little person that we will need to care for and argue with about bedtime and eating vegetables…

We’re making a person.

Mainly Jette.grey When life drops a massive, amazing, scary bombshell, you evolve and grin like an idiot! (With a wildly late 2013 wrap up)

To my relief I have been chosen as the main supporting actor. All things going well, we are expecting a small human to create havoc in late April. Jette is doing great, and the bub is growing and kicking and moving about like something out of Alien, as apparently they should. Despite having written flat out since 2010 I cannot find words to describe how stoked, surprised, scared and thrilled I am with this parcel of news. I am also rather excited that the baby looks like Han Solo in carbonite but I digress.

Clearly things are about to change around here, mainly get noisier and messier, so in the spirit of change I have done some thinking about my future blogging plans. Right about now you are are probably thinking, “He’s going to launch full tilt into the Matrix, picket fences, father’s groups, ironed shirts, saturday ballet practice, all that stuff…”

The Red Rucksack has been, and always will be, an advertising-free space where I recount my adventures and sometimes offer advice (and hopefully some inspiration) to fellow adventurers. I love writing, and have spent an incredible amount of time building this site to be what it is.

There will be updates on here when I have mountainy adventures, and DO NOT STRESS:

Important statement coming … *Hand on chest*.

“I, Benjamin John West, do solemly swear that, despite impending fatherhood, I will still be having plenty of RedRucksack-worthy adventures. Furthmore, I do promise to continue sharing the aforementioned adventures with you here on RedRucksack.com. Updates will continue in the form of the same high kwality posts you’ve come to expect, for free, and as they happen.

I make this statement on this, the twenty-fifth of March 2014 being of  sound mind <mostly> and free of inducement.”

Evidence to support this statement:

  1. Despite our news, Jette continued to encourage and fully support my desire to climb Ama Dablam  (I’d marry Jette twice if I could!).
  2. We are going to Thailand and Denmark mid-July through early September to introduce Cletus (bub’s current name is Cletus-fetus) to Jette’s Danish family and my Saudi Family. I am planning a side-trip to Switzerland to fly paragliders and climb the Eiger.
  3. Jette is as passionate about travel as me, we will be spending as much time abroad as possible.
  4. Tasmania is only 45 minutes away and I simply love playing on home turf.
  5. Cletus is currently kicking and swinging about like a gyroscope, it won’t be long until I am writing daddy/daughter adventures.
  6. I might consider opening up the Red Rucksack to adventure posts from select readers (only if you can ‘spell good and stuff’). This means that when you have adventures I might give you the chance to share your adventures and enjoy this great platform that I have built up over 4 years. Who knows, you may even end up writing a book

So there you have it. Rather than trying to forge on by writing empty ‘Top Ten’ posts or having off topic rants I will maintain the initial focus of the Red Rucksack which is to share quality, free posts about adventures. The main difference is that now you have an opportunity to join the fun.

Watch this space for more paragliding fun and news on my Switzerland trip.

As always, thanks for following.

Blue Skies and Happy Feet to you all…shit I’m going to be a dad! grey When life drops a massive, amazing, scary bombshell, you evolve and grin like an idiot! (With a wildly late 2013 wrap up)


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