I challenge you to make a bucket list for the summer

Please if you accept my challenge to make a bucket list for the summer, let me know. I’d be thrilled!

Fact: Everyone dies

Fact: You are part of ‘everyone’ there are no exceptions

Fact: No one lies on their deathbed wishing they worked more

My apologies, I just re-read those first three lines and it kind of sounds like that nasty drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket yelling at the troops, but hey, sometimes the truth needs a little yelling.

Recently it seems that all the cool bloggers are writing about bucket lists so, like in grade eight when I wore fluorescent hippy pants, I have decided to follow the cool kid’s lead and challenge my readers to make a bucketlist for the summer Some people may think writing a list of things to do before you die is a bit morbid and strange. You may prefer to not consider the possibility that one day you may lie on a bed with starched sheets surrounded by machines going “Bing” or worse still, suffer a fatal running-with-scissors mishap…Morbid? I beg to differ. I view my list as quite enabling. Writing a list of goals whilst considering that I will not be here forever helps me to step out of the ironing shirts and crying over uncut grass mode that many get stuck in. A while ago now I had a friend say to me

“Go up in a hot air balloon Ben…look down on it all”

At the time I was regularly vomiting up my breakfast (due to stress) and thought she had lost the plot.

“What balloon? How the Fuck will a hot air ride thing help me?”

However, what she meant was that I needed to stop fussing over the miniature and get a wider perspective. Miniature being where I was at the time, wider perspective being, “Not dead yet”

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend my days hunched over running away from the reaper or looking depressively at burning candles, quite the opposite. Since writing my bucket list I make all my important decisions based on one criteria;

“On my deathbed will I regret not doing this more than I will regret doing it?”

Hopefully, all this ramble explains why I am now working just enough to keep afloat financially, why I’m spending the other five days in the week learning how to paraglide and why I don’t bother owning a car (or furniture, knickknacks or many clothes). Any time I start to get crazy thoughts like “Maybe I should get a full time job and settle a bit” I open the old faithful Bucket list document and add another item.

I am going to propose a challenge…if you dare;

Write yourself a bucket list and send it to me. 

I will publish it on my website (if you want) and cross things off once they are done. I will be more than happy to add new things to your list as, like warts, the list will grow as fast as you can scrape.

It does not matter if your dream is to have a tidy tupperware drawer or to bungy-jump naked in Venezuela, to overcome a fear of spiders or to climb Torres del Paine…whatever your dreams are, they are valid. No one should judge or scoff anyone’s dreams.

So after much deliberating, here is my list (please don’t judge or scoff!). This is kind of scary, having only shown a very select few people I feel a bit naked right now. The crossed out ones have been done:  Bucketlist If you want more inspiration, check out the other people who have posted a bucket list for the summer on my site you may just get inspired.


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