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So a mere two years since leaving Nepal, I have finally gotten around to uploading a video post about my climb with Mal. I’ll mostly let the video speak for itself, but below the link I have jotted down some explanatory notes if you’re interested. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to comment below.

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2:42 – Here I am explaining about my sunburnt tongue (from breathing/gasping with my mouth wide open due to a blocked nose); this is best avoided!

Up to summit push – We had a sound issue on our videos so there is no talking or sound. This is possibly a good thing, considering how much Mal and I were crapping on!

3:25 – Mal did most of the talking on the summit push videos … I was the mayor of ‘struggle town’ for most of the way up!

6:42 -  See my jacket? I am not that fat. I had my water bottle full of hot water stuffed down my front ‘cos it was nice and warm! **Science-nerd content** at higher altitudes water boils at a lower temperature than it does at sea level due to the lower pressure: Sea level = 100 degrees celsius, 4000 meters = 85 degrees celsius, 7500 meters = 75 degrees celsius. Read more here. I love that nerdy stuff!

7:51 -  See the guy using the toilet hole behind me as I yibber away?

8:24 - From here on I apologise for the language!

9:10 -  Mal is not mistreating our Sherpa, Sidi. Mal suffered some bad damage to his foot in Canada a few years back and his feet are prone to cold issues. Sidi insisted he help warm them up. I was in my sleeping bag behind relaxing.

10:16 - See the ice on the oxygen mask tubing and our jackets? This is our frozen breath. It looks nice and sunny, but don’t be fooled!

11:44 – Can you hear how I pause while speaking to search for words? This is because at 8160 meters above sea level your brain gets much less oxygen than at sea level, making you feel a bit drunk and really tired.

13:55 – Mal was a huge help on the way down. The night before this footage was taken I gave myself a bit of a fright and, that day, I was completely worn out and a bit shaky. It’s good to have great mates on this kind of mission.

Thanks for watching.

2 Responses to Manaslu video

  • Alyson says:

    I’ve been saving this video to watch wth my husband. The whole family just watched and really enjoyd, took us back to Nepal! Sunburnt tongue though..ewww! And OMG those ladders!!! I thought the bridges were bad.

    • Ben says:

      Thanks Alyson, I’m glad you enjoyed it. The sunburnt tongue was really no fun, but worth it for a few minutes on top! (thankfully no mopeds needed either! :-) )

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