Melissa Herbert – bucket list

Here is another inspirational bucket list from Melissa in Tasmania:

  1. Overseas holiday by myself 
  2. Swim with dolphins
  3. Find a true love that is deep, with a soul connection and be happy
  4. Find the person/procedure that is going to fix my Brodie boy
  5. Honeymoon in Hawaii
  6. Get at least one more tattoo (4 all up)
  7. Own a German shepherd again like I did as a child
  8. Skydive or parasail or both
  9. Own/have shares in a successful horse
  10. Attend a Melbourne cup
  11. See both my boys marry and have kids
  12. Do a job from home that incorporates the things I love doing
  13. Cuddle a tiger cub
  14. Do a lifeline course and volunteer
  15. Watch a sunrise with a champagne breakfast in a hot air balloon
  16. Travel to south America
  17. Write in some form, be it song lyrics, greeting cards, a book or biography
  18. Be present at the birth of someone’s baby
  19. Get onto “Deal or no Deal” and win big money
  20. Always manage to work part time so I get to enjoy life with less stress
  21. See the swannies win at least 5 premierships (2 down)
  22. See a white Christmas
  23. Be pampered for a whole day and just soak it up
  24. Dinner on the beach at sunset eating lobster, prawns and drinking cocktails
  25. Have a huge bunch of orange roses sent to me on my birthday
  26. Skinny dip in beautiful warm ocean at night
  27. Sunbake nude and just not care!
  28. Have someone name something after me ( a wine, their child, an artwork, a planet?)
  29. Have a huge 40th birthday party with a really fun twist/theme
  30. Make love in the rain
  31. To take my kids to as many places in Australia as possible
  32. Learn/try/get better at gardening
  33. Live close to the beach
  34. Spend some time in Vegas
  35. Drive a firetruck
  36. Ride an elephant
  37. Drive a hummer and dodge viper (even just test drive)
  38. Travel to Switzerland and Ireland

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