Rest days

Rest Days

If you have been following my blogs (and why wouldn’t you?!) to date you would probably have realised that there is more to climbing big hills than booking a ticket to Kathmandu and strapping some gear (and tins of spam) to a yak, then staring down big, steep slopes with icy blue eyes while making ridiculous understatements into your Go-Pro, “It’s a bit cold…a bit steep here…”

No – getting to the start of a climb in a fit and jolly state can be half the challenge. Rest days are crucial to success. As I write this I am in Khare (5000 meters up so be gentle with my speeling. and Grammer!). It is sunny and all the boys are sitting in a circle fiddling with gear, or reading a book and making new red blood cells by the thousand. Being a rest day we got to sleep in today, 6:30am – oh the luxury – after lunch we are going to stroll up to the glacier to test our crampons and rope skills before retiring to spend the rest of the day relaxing:

-I will be feeding my Suduko addiction

-Bish will continue to read his cinder-block sized Sci-Fi book while stroking his increasingly biblical beard.

-Mal will look at weather forecasts and try to figure out why we are not getting the 1/2 meter of snow we were promised.

-The Brist will drink tea as I tease them about their cameras lacking a panorama function (losers!)

-Shaun will eat any carb in sight and Brendan will chill out, fiddle with his techy things and try not to dwell on all our eccentricities.

Following our rest day we will be moving to base, then high camp at Mera Peak before attempting a summit. After the climb we have an epic climb/trek down to Decaca (spelling?) so likely this will be my last update for a while. Even if I did post a bloglikely all I could manage would be, “Cold, miss Jette, hungry, tired…call me a WAAAAMbulance!” so I will save up for a more lucid post when we are all back and intact after our first challenge of this three mountain expedition.

Meanwhile you can watch my SPOT map on to track our progress.

Blue skies and happy feet

*Note: These being sat phone update I cannot share photos, but the mountains around us are truly amazing, something like this



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