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This week’s student bucket list comes from the heady world of an early twenties student, funny blog title then hey! Ooh, I remember when I was a student…anyways, Samantha runs a blog called Adventures of a 20-something where she records “everything from crazy nights out to incoherent ramblings about my everyday life to lessons I’ve learned the hard way.” There are a few posts called “Overheard on the hill” which are absolutely hilarious quotes overheard in Samantha’s ramblings, I spend way more time than I had planned chuckling at these. So below I am pleased to introduce the bucket list of my young and funny fellow blogger Samantha:

1. Learn to surf.

2. Learn to play guitar.

3. Win an Ivy League Championship and go to NCAAs.

4. Learn to drive stick shift.

5. Go skydiving.

6. Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve.

7. New Year’s kiss from a complete stranger.

8. Complete 161 things …or at least like 75%.

9. Backpack across Europe.

10. Learn family history/geneology/family tree.

11. Adopt a dog.

12. Go to the Super Bowl.

13. Go to Hawaii.

14. Cross-country road trip.

15. Go parasailing.

16. Go on a cruise.

17. Scuba dive.

18. Write and publish a book.

19. Own a Mustang.

20. Kiss in the rain.

21. Get a tattoo.

22. Go REAL camping.

23. Bowl a 300.

24. Ride a mechanical bull.

25. Go zip-lining.

26. Break a world record.

27. Have a book turned into a movie.

28. Do a Tough Mudder or a Warrior Dash or something along those lines.

29. Sing karaoke and not care what anyone thinks.

30. Be in 161 Faces of Cornell.

31. Have a book I’ve written become a New York Times Best Seller.

32. Go on a reality TV show (or at least appear on one).

33. Participate in Holi.

34. Run a marathon.

35. Visit all 30 MLB baseball stadiums.
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