Sophie Fantarella – Bucket List

  1. Get Married
  2. Learn to Scuba Diva
  3. Learn to Surf
  4. Travel to Iceland
  5. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  6. Learn to Tango in Argentina
  7. Be an awesome mother
  8. Become an organic foodie
  9. Have a tiny self sustained farm
  10. Perfect Jachnun
  11. Get a meaningful tattoo
  12. Ride an Elephant (and tell them that they are the coolest)
  13. Tell my partner that he’s the greatest person EVERYDAY
  14. Volunteer in a remote community either OS or in Australia
  15. Tell my Italian grandparents’ story
  16. Teach someone how to fish
  17. Become fluent in Hebrew
  18. Live in another country
  19. Travel South America for 6 months
  20. Tell people who are inspiring, EXACTLY THAT
  21. Write a children’s book
  22. Learn to crochet
  23. Learn the fine art of sewing
  24. Become a DIY queen!
  25. Watch my little brother graduate (and openly cry)
  26. Go on a world adventure with Luis, and show the world the Fantarella power
  27. Learn an obscure instrument
  28. Graduate my Masters in Speech Pathology with AWESOME GRADES and help kids in remote communities
  29. Be a lend-a-hand kinda person
  30. Buy a shack in Byron Bay

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