Ten travel tips for Vanuatu

grey Ten travel tips for Vanuatu

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Ten travel tips for Vanuatu

  1. The price of eating out is equivalent to Australia; don’t expect a cheap Thai-holiday.
  2. Robbery and scams are minimal, however, don’t be dumb about things. Keep your valuables locked in your room and your packs in sight.
  3. Kava is a local drink with mild sedative and anesthetic properties. Australians can bring back 2kg before customs becomes interested.
  4. Mt Yasur is one of the world’s most reliably active volcanos. It is also one of the most easily accessible – go there!
  5. Don’t book any activities before going. You can stroll down the main street of Port Vila and book with the companies direct.
  6. Walking through town, there are many times you would be forgiven for thinking you are in Jamaica – they lurve that Reggae music mon!
  7. Locals are super friendly – numerous times a local would fall into stride with us and just start chatting. It takes a while to relax into this lovely island mentality without thinking ‘SCAM!’
  8. Groceries are expensive; the few times we cooked for ourselves it would have been cheaper to eat out. 3 tomatoes cost $5 Aus and 100g of bacon was $5.50
  9. Efate is the main island with a population of around 240,000.
  10. Did I mention; go to Mt Yasur.

2 Responses to Ten travel tips for Vanuatu

  • jan hammersley says:

    Thanks Ben going to Vanuatu next year with Joy and David Wools – Cobb . Hope your training for your next big adventure is going well .Maybe we could look forward to another top rate presentation at a NWWC meeting
    Jan Hammersley

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jan, great to hear from you mate! Ohh, Vanuatu is a really top spot, you dive? It is amazing over there.
      I would love to come and speak with you guys after I get home (will be back in Tas over Christmas). The training is going really well and I’m just about packed and ready to go.
      I have a special section set up for Ama-Dablam if you want to see how I am getting on, will be tracking the climb live with a SPOT and writing to this blog via sat phone (high tech yak action!) http://www.redrucksack.com/ama-dablam
      Anyway, thanks for dropping me a line mate, see you soon

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