The people of Kathmandu, Nepal

grey The people of Kathmandu, Nepal


grey The people of Kathmandu, NepalContinue wandering and a bloke approached me. I was ready to fob him off then decided I was due for a drink anyway and offered to buy him one as well, time to meet the people of Kathmandu. Over a Pepsi it turned out that my new mate, Khamal, was eager to practice his English and was willing to show me his town in return for some English lesson. Dubious I agreed expecting a catch. Khamal led me through some darkened alleys where I was sure I was going to be to robbed or bashed. The darkened alleys opened out and I was presented with an amazing vista of temples and shrines the likes of which were not described in my trusty lonely planet guide. The next four hours involved Khamal and his mate Ram taking me through their city, explaining their beliefs and showing me all the sights that a visitor to Kathmandu needed to see. It was a wonderful way to see the city and I got a real feel for the way people live here. Note to self, not everyone is trying to rip off the tourists.

grey The people of Kathmandu, NepalWe lunched at a rooftop café complete with dodgy umbrellas, incredible views of the city and temples on the outer hills and a magnificent marijuana garden (a plant which not only is legal here but is a part of why Buddha left home!). We discussed Maoism versus communism versus democracy a subject which both Kamal and Ram had passionate and opposing views on. These moments are why I decided to travel. Khamal and Ram both invited me to their houses for tea Friday but unfortunately the trek starts Friday so I had to decline. Interestingly Khamal is Buddhist and Ram is Hindu but both are best of friends and respect each others beliefs.

I had a personalized tour of Kathmandu seeing all the sights I had wanted to see and far far more. My tour ended at the monkey temple (there you go Mel, did it for you!). I convinced the boys it was time for a brew so we caught a taxi to Thamel the main tourist area and settled in. Two longnecks later Khamel and Ram were a mess! Finally I no longer felt like a lightweight drinker!! I gave them both $1000 about $15 dollar aus as a token of my appreciation. We exchanged emails and promises to keep in touch and I went back to the summit hotel to be ignored by snobbish ex-pat types and the worst steak I have eaten in my life. Tomorrow will be meeting the others from the expedition and organizing  gear.  grey The people of Kathmandu, Nepalgrey The people of Kathmandu, Nepal

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