Travel Blogger Calendar 2014 – Help elephants, win a $3300 holiday!

grey Travel Blogger Calendar 2014   Help elephants, win a $3300 holiday!

Before I speak about this year’s Travel Blogging Calendar I have three questions for you:
grey Travel Blogger Calendar 2014   Help elephants, win a $3300 holiday!
 - Who loves Elephants?
- Who would love to win an amazing holiday package worth $3300 while helping said cute old elephants?
- Who agrees that I should never, ever, participate in another calendar featuring my naked ass in a freezing lake?
Same here! Feedback on last year’s charity calendar was pretty much unanimous in that we should keep our clothes on, but do it again in some form or another.
Following months of intensive online brainstorming inside our safe bunker (Facebook group) away from the spotlight we have emerged with an amazing idea, a great charity to sponsor and a truly awesome prize to give away…we are like a bunch of determined, cyber phoenixes.

The Travel Blogging Calendar is back, bigger and better than ever. 

This year we are going digital while holding a raffle. Thanks to the awesome people at Flight Network and Ian Ord of Where Sidewalks End we have arranged a prize package including $2000 towards a flight to Thailand, and an 8 day, 7 night tour where you will get a chance to  explore Thailand and meet some elephants at the very sanctuary this initiative is helping.
Even if you miss out on the trip to Thailand, everyone who buys tickets will get exclusive weekly blog updates written by our team of professional blog experts (and me). Each post will highlight different cultural holidays or events taking place all over the globe.

Even if you don’t win, you win…win/win!

grey Travel Blogger Calendar 2014   Help elephants, win a $3300 holiday!The elephants also win as all monies raised will be handed directly to Save Elephant Foundation founder Lek so she can rescue more abused proboscines (I just won by learning a fancy new word!). Our intrepid Jeremy of Travel FREAK paid a visit to Lek on his way through Asia and learnt that this lady is genuinely passionate about these lumbering, loveable beasts.
I think we can all agree that elephants are magnificent; the way they are treated by captors in Thailand, however, is not. Elephants, as you know, are huge. To domesticate them such that they can be treated like livestock, poachers have to instill fear into them – otherwise the elephant would just stomp on the bad dudes and go about their business.
No doubt you are picturing an elephant in some shit-ridden cage being whipped mercilesly. Even the clean, healthy looking guy with bells around his neck (that you took a ride on last holiday) has been through a horrendous breaking process. This is why the incomparable Lek founded the Save Elephant Foundation in 1995. Lek buys elephants from captors (this is a tightrope as she cannot pay so much that people poach them purely to sell to him) and relocates them onto what is as close to their natural habitat as possible. Here they are allowed to roam free. As the website says, ‘there are no tricks. There are no rides.’ Just elephants doing what they naturally do and generally being wicked.  Currently Save Elephant Foundation are at capacity and urgently need funds to rescue more elephants. Read more here.
Now is the time to think about responsible tourism. Don’t just think about how your holiday affects you, think about how your holiday affects the people, places and animals you meet on the way.
“Enough banging on about social responsibility Ben; I will keep this in mind when I explore,” I hear you say. “You had me at ‘cute elephants’ … how can I donate to be in the running to win this awesome prize?”
Click on the link below:


Remember, the more you donate, the more entries you get in the holiday package.


Massive thanks to:

The guys at Flight Network who donated this brilliant prize. We expect this year will be huge, largely due to their generosity. Go over, say hi and tell ‘em I sent you! Say thanks for being awesome to Flight Network

Ian Ord of Where Sidewalks End; his startup tour company is both socially and environmentally sound. We need more like you mate!

Jeremy Foster of TravelFREAK; without your energy and commitment this initiative would not be as amazing as it is.

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