Travel Immunizations

Travel Immunizations work in a process whereby a person’s immune system is trained to respond to a particular agent. There is currently some exciting research being done to immunize people against things like cancer, obesity and nicotine addiction but here I will only speak about immunization in the context of travel.

NERDY CONTENT ALERT! The most common way to immunize against disease causing agents (bacterial or viral) is by a process called active vaccination. In active vaccination the immune system is trained to respond to a pathogen by introducing a safe form of that very pathogen to the immune system. Say ‘XYZ’ is a disease that makes you sick and assume ‘Z’ is the part that makes you sick. Chopping off the dangerous ‘Z’ and introducing ‘XY’ (the vaccine) to your immune system forces your system to recognise the disease causing ‘XYZ’ and prepare for an attack…make sense, sort of? Anyway enough of this nerdy stuff – Do you need vaccinations?

Whether or not you need travel immunization depends on where you will be traveling and personal preference. Not every country is going to demand that you have shots before you travel there – your concern will be more whether you want immunization cover. I would always recommend having whatever vaccines are suggested by WHO (The World Health Organisation) but ultimately it is your call.

 Make an informed choice:

Great interactive world map for Vaccines                

List of all vaccines

grey Travel Immunizations grey Travel Immunizations

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