Seoul, Korea spiced with a flight cockup

grey Seoul, Korea spiced with a flight cockup

Here I am in Seoul Korea, absolutely knackered again wondering what happened to the last few days. Turns out I was heading to Seoul for a few days THEN Doha, must make a point of checking my tickets sooner! I had a lay day in Milzos apartment sorting photos, watching discovery channel and relaxing. When Andrew finished work we went to the Sky bar for one last brew, debrief and goodbye. Mongolia was a great catch up with an old mate, boy we crammed some adventure into a short amount of time. On the way to the airport we were just saying that the adventure was over as we took a wrong turn up a one way street and were faced with three lanes of psychotic Mongolian drivers coming towards us. I should have known better to say that before getting on the plane.


grey Seoul, Korea spiced with a flight cockupIt was a three hour flight punctuated by a screaming baby to my right and an elderly Korean chap trying to snort a lung up through his nostrils to my left, good fun, no sleep. On this flight I experienced my first aborted landing ever. Just as the wheels were about to touch the pilot gunned the engines and took off again. Those planes can really boogey when needed, the pilot didn’t explain what had happened he just turned the plane around and tried again. After wandering around the airport for forty minutes in a daze I gave up on my arranged airport pickup and jumped into a taxi for the fifty minute and $146 aus ride to my hotel. I got to my room at around 5am , having not slept, in a foul mood and crashed for a few hours much needed rest. Determined to not waste my time here I wandered around the local markets, got thoroughly lost and checked out a few sights. Again good work Mel my travel agent for putting me right in the middle of town, easy to get around, kudos! I paid $3 aus for a magic lunch which was raw tuna, cabbage, lettuce and cold rice with a sauce that made it tasty es bro! A kind elderly Korean man laughingly took it upon himself to correct my poor chopstick and sauce technique, grunted in satisfaction of a job well done and left without a word, hilarious. A bit more looking around and a dirty great big steak and I am ready to crash. One more day loitering in Korea, another midnight flight, one last day with Drew and Cath and I will be back in Tassie planning my South American Trip.

It was funny tonight to see how the Koreans celebrate the world cup soccer. I mentioned above about the Mongolians; smashing down the drink, being psychotic, jumping on chairs, spilling beer on everyone, wrestling and being total goons, friendly goons, but still goons. On my wanderings I saw a tent full of hundreds of Koreans in red T-shirts watching their game; sitting straight upright in their chairs, sipping green tea and politely clapping with each play. What a contrast. Dunno which one I prefer really, the Mongolian version was definitely more exciting to see!!

grey Seoul, Korea spiced with a flight cockup


I woke this morning with a bad feeling and double checked my schedule. The flight was midnight last night! What a cockup ben! Well I promptly called my trusted travel agent Mel and she sorted me out onto the next available flight and changed all my connections around to suit. This mistake cost me $570 in flight fees and accommodation in Seoul for another night. Slightly peeved but not too upset I set about another two days exploring the city….Well actually I went back to bed and crashed for 5 hours as I was still completely bushed but then I set about exploring the city some more. This town has great architecture and I spend the first day just loitering in downtown Seoul admiring the architecture of both the city….and certain inhabitants., hey I was bored!

grey Seoul, Korea spiced with a flight cockup

The second day I set out on a mission to totally wear myself out in preparation for that nights 1am flight. I spent a wonderful day exploring the hill upon which sits the Seoul Tower. The hill is in the middle of the city and is one big landscaped and natural bush land with mountain bike track, open air gyms, cafes and the like. It was really nice to find a refuge in this mad bustling town. After 6 hours of aimless wandering around the hill and totally worn out I went and found myself a proper Korean barbeque in the suburbs. This meal cost only $4.70 aus, was divine and far more than I could eat. I got a haircut in a local shop, again language was a barrier but the result was much better than my last Nepalese effort with the Pakistani dude. This cost me $5. I am now at the airport, very early so as not to miss my flight, with 26 hours on an airplane and my impending return to Tas. I will be in Tas for a few sort months to catch up with friends, do some hiking and plan the next world assault! Bye for now

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