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Introductions; about me…umm, be interesting Ben.

Gosh, this is harder than it sounds. Maybe I’ll try a list:

  1. I detest conflict and avoid it fiercely unless someone is being racist, sexist or beard-ist.
  2. My favourite quote is “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional” Impressively my parents practice it.
  3. Milk and no sugar. Lattes do not count.
  4. Since I was four my nickname has been ‘Westy’…occasionally ‘Testies’ and ‘Festy’.
  5. I was born in the seventies, my music taste is stuck there.
  6. Anyone who starts conversations with ‘What do you do for a crust?’ will be a complete bore.
  7. Sport bikes, not Harleys.
  8. Wasabi coated peanuts; a gift from god.
  9. I can put a condom up my nose and pull it out of my mouth.
  10. Once upon a time I was so stressed I would regularly throw up breakfast.
  11. Despite trying to face this fear I get highly agitated around cows.
  12. I regularly tell the important people in my life that I love them. They already know. I also hug close friends, sometimes passersby. Not those awkward, half hearted man-hugs but proper from-the-heart-dude-you’re-brilliant hugs that would cause weirdness if I winked afterwards.
  13. There is no way that I can take an angry Indian or Hispanic person seriously. I have tried but always start giggling.grey Ben J West Australia
  14. Currently my transport is a loud motorbike, I love this.
  15. Many things I do scare the heck out of me. I’m afraid of missing out due to fear and this is part of why I push through.
  16. I once rode a yak for a dare.
Actually in hindsight a list seems like a cop-out. I’ll go with a big ol’ paragraph:
I’m Ben from Tasmania. You know that small pubic hair shaped island  just below Australia? Before you ask, Yes, it is part of Australia, yes we speak English and yes, all the children ride kangaroos to school. This blog started in the same way as many others – a convenient way to assure mum that I’m alive.
Here you’ll find stories about all the things I love; mountainsparaglidingexploring, getting into stupid situations and drugs. Not that kind though sorry, as a pharmacist it fascinates me that we can design a compound which will change the way our bodies do their job.
Don’t get the wrong idea though, I don’t spend all my nights gazing at Advil capsules in awe.
In my travels I have wrestled a midget biker in a shady Ecuadorian bar, tested my navigation skills in Patagonia, SCUBA dived in Thailand, climbed Himalayan mountains and fallen in love on a boat cruising the Galapagos archipelago. I have learnt a lot since selling my pharmacy business and hitting the road in 2010, not least of which is that money truly does not make people happy. “Some people are so poor that all they have is money.” If you believe the internet, Morgan Freeman said that. Those words, however, do strike a chord with me.
That said, please don’t peg me as a wide-eyed travel evangelist. I fully respect that some people are happy to bliss out at home with a good red so I avoid the ‘you-must-travel-or you-will-die’ bandwagon. All the tickets for this wagon were sold out anyway.

With my introductions finished I will get back to keeping you updated as I travel the world to climb things then jump off them, act inappropriately at random and talk my wife into really pushing her comfort zone.

Feel free to comment and join the fun. Thanks for stopping by.









14 Responses to Ben J West Australia

  • Calin Pava says:

    Great stuff Ben:-)
    Download my app….and try the “find a pharmacy” button. You never know when you need it traveling around Australia….lol

  • Lew says:

    Have just come across you blog. You’ve given me a chuckle and I love that in blogs.
    You’ve got yourself another follower. :-)

  • Sarepa says:

    Cannot wait to have a good look through your blog and live vicariously through all your South American travel adventures.

    • Ben says:

      Welcome aboard Sarepa! Sadly many of my best South American adventures are not on this blog as they feature heavily in my book which will be released this November. :-)

  • Andrea Broos says:

    Oh ben! I started your book this morning and haven’t moved off the couch since! An amazing journey and I don’t rregret not doing my housework or communicating with my children all mmorning. Thanks for a wonderful read

  • Molly says:

    Christ the Redeemer statue photo is very funny! And yes, I was looking for a pic of Jette as I am at the moment on page 193 of The Red Rucksack and absolutely loving it – awesome read, great story-telling!
    We’ve got to do an interview for South America Living soon, before new owner takes over next month… my new site has next-to-nil stats (is more a portfolio thing and really new) so wouldn’t be that great to get the word out on the book – but an interview would. Anyways – you’ve got to put your email on this page (partly why I clicked) and list your other good stuff too so folks can easily find it! Just a thought!

    Email me at molly (@) and we will get something up soon, the book is a great read for anyone planning an adventure but especially one in South America. best, Molly

  • Arianwen says:

    I love your website! Great design and very inspirational! Just so you know, I started your book today. I got very excited when I read the chapter list and saw how many travel destinations we have in common. I can’t wait to get to the South America section :)
    Arianwen recently posted..Outback Ballooning in Alice SpringsMy Profile

    • Ben says:

      Thank you Arianwen! The same guy who did my book cover gave me some brill graphics to use on my recent site upgrade (You mee him in the paintball paragliding chapter ;-) ) Enjoy!

  • Kaye says:

    Hi Ben(fellow pharmacist)
    Came across your book & website a few months ago when my next door neighbour(mother of Richard, Jeremy & Rob) lent me yr book.
    Glad to see your life is going well & you are following your dreams. PS Nursing homes & Websters suck!!

    Kindest Regards, Kaye Rickwood

    Follow your dreams Ben; Life is way too short.

  • Hi Ben

    Just touching base with you. How is your lovely family going & the erstwhile white-coat career? These days (after 35 years) I think that Phcy is getting much too hard, never mind that I am brilliant with warts & tinea (LOL) – apparently we all need extra accreditation to prove our worth. Never mind, I will see out my phcy days being a label Nazi (MUST be on straight!!) & checking scripts & paks – who would have thought there were so many varieties of little white tablets!

    Cheers to you & yours, Kaye

    PS Have you ever worked with a more brilliant person than Carol Z?

  • Andrew McBride says:

    Mate, are you still alive? Would love a catch up phone call at some stage.
    Hope all is well


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