Ama Dablam

08 basecamp pano


Using some techno wizardry which I will never understand you can see exactly where we are and  follow this adventure in real-time:

Note: Hit the << button to expand the map, also it looks about 1000x cooler in satellite view



Live updates (sent via sat-phone) here:


Home – getting back from Ama Dablam

When I made the somewhat difficult call to leave the mountain and get home, I thought I’d make a little video for Jette. It follows my journey from Camp one on Ama Dablam and continues down through the snowline to Pangboche, Tangboche, Namche Bazaar and Lukla, then on to Kathmandu, Singapore, to Melbourne and then [...]

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Nepal slideshow – pre-trek

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Running of the Yaks

This one time, at Pangboche, Dave and I got the idea to make a running of the Bulls parody called Running of the Yaks. This is how we spend our rest days up in the hills, immaturity abounds. Running at 3985 meters above sea level sure is a challenge though! Yaks are really slow, dumb, [...]

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Now to arrange a flight home.

Mal had decided to go to Pokhara for Paragliding as he had unrefundable tickets and Shaun was heading to Thailand to rock climb, but I had my heart set on getting home. My ever efficient travel consultant Mel Whtye told me that my flight was closed to changes and that I would have to go [...]

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And here I am!

Again, the twin otter pilots wait on the runway revving the engines hard before hurtling towards a sheer cliff face…for me it was a bumpy, nervous flight but Mal assured us all that he has had worse. I gave Mal my video camera so he could record the takeoff. Mal also managed to record Dave’s [...]

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Here is the company that is organising the expedition, click on the photo for further info:


Just one week after returning I will be launching my new book. Check it out here:


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