My bucket list

What is a Bucket list? 

So named after the movie where the rich and miserable Edward Cole played by Jack Nicholson meets poor and happy Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman). Despite having nothing in common apart from their terminal illness, a deep friendship is forged when, between vomiting up Chemotherapy bile, the two decide to write down and pursue a list of the outlandish things they have always wanted to do.

Why bother?

I started my Bucketlist in 2005 after returning home very adventure motivated from a trip to Vietnam. At the time I was becoming Edward Cole, yet wishing I was Carter.  I have since maintained my list and try to tick something off every month, my dreams are getting increasingly out there.

I think that maintaining a living bucket list is a great motivational tool, and an awesome way to remember that experiences define us, not material things.

If you want to join the awesome people who maintain their lists on my site just email me (bottom of page) and I will gladly grant you behind the scenes access to Red along with instructions to get you started. Who knows someone may read your list and offer to help you out.

My list has evolved into this:

  1. Solo overland Track in 40 hours…Winter 09
  2. Mountaineering course in NZ
  3. Trek in the Andes with a Donkey
  4. Trek in Patagonia solo
  5. Run my very own business, by myself
  6. Climb Mount Kosiosko
  7. Complete the Kokoda Trail
  8. Make a sad old person really happy
  9. Dance frantically in a thunderstorm
  10. Learn how to wheel stand my motorbike
  11. Jump a skateboard 20 centimetres high
  12. Learn how to skydive
  13. Visit Disney land
  14. Buy house
  15. Ride Route 66 on a Harley Davidson
  16. Travel with a backpack for about 18 months with nil plans/gypsy
  17. Grow dreadlocks
  18. See a species which will be extinct in my lifetime (Sadly x3)
  19. Win a real fight
  20. Mountain climb in Nepal
  21. Win a radio or magazine competition
  22. Climb an 8000 meter high mountain
  23. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
  24. Fly My Kilimanjaro
  25. Do an African safari
  26. Learn how to paraglide
  27. Explore Jordan
  28. Visit Madagascar and dance like those cartoon lemurs
  29. Float in the dead sea
  30. Work in a pharmacy with really long hair
  31. Play messy twister
  32. Skydive in a tuxedo
  33. Climb Mt Cook
  34. Attend Carnavale
  35. Explore the Amazon
  36. Publish a travel book
  37. Get pranked on one of those TV prank shows
  38. Trek the Overland track (or similar) with Mum and Dad again
  39. Appear semi-naked in a calendar
  40. Heckle a speaker at a formal event in a funny way
  41. Take my Niece and Nephew on an overnight bush walk
  42. Find and fly an epic site never flown before (Paraglider)
  43. Visit the Easter Islands
  44. Launch off Ama Dablam
  45. Spend more quality weeks with Mel and Win
  46. Eat moose meat
  47. Get a six pack
  48. Run 10 kilometres in less than 50mins (51:40 burnie ten 2008)
  49. Run a marathon
  50. Climb Mt Everest
  51. Own a ride on lawn mower
  52. Quit smoking (for good this time!)
  53. Live in the same hemisphere as my lovely girlfriend
  54. Climb a proper snowy mountain then fly off it
  55. Get good at rock climbing – multi pitch climb.
  56. Go to 8000 meters high on a mountain again
  57. Big (2-3 months) over seas motorbike ride somewhere
  58. Paraglide for two hours straight
  59. Get an article published in a real magazine x2
  60. Study Meteorology and understand those squiggly lines
  61. Settle down and have kids
  62. Get married near or on a mountain (Helicopter optional)
  63. Ride a gondola in Venice with a beautiful lady
  64. Complete a SIV course with Paragliding including a full stall, throwing the reserve
  65. Talk my way out of a sticky situation with the authorities
  66. Wait out a blizzard inside a snow cave
  67. Visit Pamukkale Turkey
  68. Scuba dive at Belize and the big blue hole
  69. D-bag launch my Paraglider (Deployment bag)
  70. Swim 80x 50 meter freestyle laps in one go
  71. Launch a paraglider from a rooftop, at least 20 storeys high
  72. Become a local at a cafe or restaurant
  73. Be an extra in a movie
  74. Jump into that fountain at the start of ‘Friends’
  75. Visit the Vatican in Rome and tell a priest something really awkward (even if made up)
  76. Get a tattoo
  77. Learn Danish really well
  78. See a proper ghost
  79. Crash a wedding (again)
  80. Inspire ten people to really push their limits
  81. Overcome my fear of cows
  82. Hold or attend a massive Halloween party
  83. Convince someone I am famous – receive free drinks
  84. Join the mile high club
  85. Paraglide in the Swiss Alps
  86. Go to a nudie beach completely nude
  87. Crash a celebrity party
  88. Walk through the Bronx in America
  89. Spend three weeks speaking only Spanish
  90. Get my scrotum waxed (Just checking you are still with me here!)
  91. Spend a month in a hippy commune
  92. Walk for 36 hours non-stop in the bush
  93. Go overseas with my parents again
  94. Bonehead (stick head into frame) a television news reporter in the street
  95. Really rock out at Karaoke….sober

So there you are, everyone needs to dream! I hope this has inspired you to sharpen your pencil then write your own list.

Why not email me a request to join the other wicked bucketlisters hanging out here.


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