“There are a lot of travel books out there, but only a few have a really special voice.” 

John Harman, Author, Ghostwriter and Public Speaker

“It stands up there with the likes of Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux.” – Tim Gott, ABC Statewide Radio book reviewer

“I felt as though I was in the room and he was telling me about his adventures personally.” – Richard Barnes, Smashwords reviewer

“Definitely a book to add to any collection, I loved every minute of it!” – Kristy Skinn, Book Depository reviewer

“Recommended reading – get yourself a coffee and be prepared for a laugh!” – Tracey Pedersen, Amazon reviewer

“Well written, superbly funny, touching…I was sold from the first chapter” – My Travel Affairs review

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grey The Red Rucksack book
grey The Red Rucksack book
grey The Red Rucksack book

grey The Red Rucksack book

Deeply disillusioned with life, Ben sells his share of a profitable pharmacy, puts his house on the market and casts off to find happiness. A love of mountains leads him to tackle the Himalayas where he saves an ill-balanced Sherpa before he strikes out to explore the Gobi desert in a rattly, old Russian van. Ben’s next stop is South America where he falls in love with both paragliding and one very fetching Danish lawyer.

Ben’s knack for following remote, rocky paths, and befriending the quirky characters on the way, often leads to comical misadventure, but also to moments of breathtaking wonderment and awe.

Ben’s journey does not involve meditating with orange-robed monks, burning incense or banging gongs. Rather, Peruvian bandits, wired Amazonian shamans, wrestling midget bikers and paintball paragliding insanity all help Ben answer one question:

Am I running from my problems or towards a life truly lived?”

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What others are saying:

“The writing in this compares with some of the really very well known, high profile travel writers. It stands up there with the likes of Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux … Extraordinarily funny in places and you feel like you are in the seat and he is sitting across from you in the lounge room, and that is a real skill to be able to write like that.” – Tim Gott (ABC Statewide Radio book reviewer, Tasmania)

“If you’re a fan of comical storytelling, deep descriptions and an author who tells it like he sees it…you’ll absolutely love “The Red Rucksack.”  - Let’s Roll Flight Network

“When a book makes me giggle (or downright laugh out load) in public…now that’s a fine book. The Red Rucksack is, by far, one of the best books I’ve ever read and possibly the favorite one I’ve read this year.” - LooknWalk 

“Really great read. Recommended. Down to Earth traveling. Thanks Ben. Makes me realise there are plenty of roads to choose out there that are still waiting to be travelled.” – Eve Lancaster (Amazon reviewer)

“Brilliant book by Ben West. Sweet if you are wondering whether leaving the cubicle is for you or not ! – Inma (Amazon reviewer)

“The descriptive passages are superb making me want to pack my bags and head off to find adventure for myself.” - David (Amazon reviewer)

“If you have not read this well written, fast paced, hilarious, thrilling and heartwarming book secure your copy ASAP and enjoy the ride.” – Sandra (Amazon reviewer)

“I smiled poignantly and chuckled often!! A great read!!” – Katie (Amazon reviewer)

“Not just a story of travelling and incredible adventure, The Red Rucksack is a story of taking risks, falling in love and being able to find a pair of jeans that fit, no matter where you are in the world!” – Kristy (Book depository reviewer)

“I was reading this in bed and my husband kept rolling over and looking at me strange because I was giggling. (At 2am he tends to get grumpy!) Ben’s story made me wish I had experienced all those great places with him – and through his book it was almost like I did.” – Tracey Pedersen (Amazon Reviewer)

“There are very poignant moments and very humorous moments. I cracked up visualizing a story of having a little too much cash in Lima!” – Misadventures with Andi 

“Ben West’s The Red Rucksack is one of those rare travel books that combine good writing with a real sense of being right there; slap in the centre of the many dangerous, exotic, quirky locations where Ben finds himself. Ben has a natural talent to entertain readers with his raw honesty, engaging descriptions and laugh-out-loud dialogue. Practically every page is peppered with Aussie humour. The Red Rucksack will take you on a wild ride of self discovery as Ben ditches his former safe and secure life and climbs, treks, para-glides and explores with wild abandon in his quest to find his true self. If you like to read well-written personal travel adventures about life off the beaten track, then this page-turned is your next must-read.” – John Harman, Author, Ghostwriter and Public Speaker

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grey The Red Rucksack book grey The Red Rucksack book grey The Red Rucksack book

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This business partnership has expired.” Ben has no idea what adventures are in store when he sets out to discover what lies over that next mountain.

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