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Ben J West started The Red Rucksack as a convenient way to let his mum and dad know that he is still alive. Thanks to all the amazing readers who visit, it has grown into what you see today.

Currently Ben is delving into the wonderful world of books. His first full length book was released on November 22nd to great critical praise. Check it out here.

Or why not enjoy his hilarious (free) Travel Guide:


If you like Ben’s blogs you will love his hilarious new eBook.

This guide covers the style of travel where you’re more likely to find a dead rat, rather than the morning paper waiting outside your hotel room. Where everything can go wrong, but when it does, you just laugh and love every minute. Download this quirky guide by clicking on the weird guy climbing the French statue.

No spam, no catch, just free laughs … and the world could sure do with that!

                                                                 Download it here —>

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As well as blogging and authoring, Ben has contributed to Matador Network’s travel guide, 101 places to get fu#@ed up, he has had Maiden Flight  and Paintball Paragliding (pge 31) printed in the Australia-wide paragliding magazine Sky Sailor and a short excerpt about trekking in Bolivia printed in Great Walks magazine.

Ben has also been a regular contributor for two sites: grey Ben J West author                                 grey Ben J West author

Some travel bloggers have become curious enough about Ben’s adventures to ask him for an interview:

  1. A photographic interview at: Hostel Bookers
  2. Flip was curious to see what ‘drives’ Ben at Flip Nomads 
  3. Brandon wanted tips to share with people seeking similar adventures at Eyeandpen
  4. About Ben’s short career as a calendar model at  Journey with Jess
  5. Andi Fisher – Misadventures with Andi
  6. Lazy Travelers – Lazy Travelers
  7. South American Traveler - South American Traveler 
  8. Ben has done a guest post on the Go Big or Go home blog site here:         grey Ben J West author

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The Red Rucksack - Available now

This business partnership has expired.” Ben has no idea what adventures are in store when he sets out to discover what lies over that next mountain.

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