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On this page you can upload and maintain your own bucket list like the brave souls below. Just contact me via email 
([email protected]) and I’ll gladly set you up. Go on, someone may help you to cross something off your list…

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Charline Eberhardt – one inspirational bucketlist to check out

It has been a while since I’ve had a new bucketlist to share with you guys. Here is Charline’s, Charline is in the middle of an amazing world tour which she shares over at her blog Elephants to Kangaroos (check it out). Charline is an incredible photographer, her love of photography spurred her to leave her [...]

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Philosophical Bucketlist – Melanie Agustina

This has made my day! After ages of nagging my lovely sister to write and post her bucket list here she has sent me not one, but two lists, along with a very interesting letter explaining this rather philosophical bucketlist. It is so interesting to compare the different things that were important to Mel when [...]

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Diana from d travels ’round – Bucket list

In her writing Diana from d travels ’round tries to answer the question “What happens when you turn 30, and realize the life you are living…is no longer the life you want to live?”  The answer which Diana keeps coming back to is simple, you travel…and blog…and travel…and… On her way to answering this question Diana [...]

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Samantha – student Bucket List

This week’s student bucket list comes from the heady world of an early twenties student, funny blog title then hey! Ooh, I remember when I was a student…anyways, Samantha runs a blog called Adventures of a 20-something where she records “everything from crazy nights out to incoherent ramblings about my everyday life to lessons I’ve learned [...]

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Sydney Duante – Bucket list

Sydney Duarte, aka The Traveling Gypsy describes herself as a loud, hyperactive Eastern Kentucky gal who has made it her mission to ‘improve the world one smile at a time’  Her blog dates back to April 2008 and follows a hectic course of adventuring. It has some beautifully philosophical posts (When life give you lemons)  and lots of [...]

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